Census Commission of Maltropia

Ogham script logo of the Census Commission

The Census Commission of Maltropia (Irish: Coimisiún Daonáirimh), formally the Commission for the Enumeration and Remuneration of Citizens under the Crown (Irish: Coimisiún um Áireamh agus Luach do Shaoránaigh faoin gCoróin; sometimes abbreviated as CALSC), is the government commission tasked with carrying out the quinquennial census of Maltropia and collecting other demographic data on behalf of the crown. Census data collated by the Commission are available freely for use by any Maltropian citizen or company, although "all data which could be identified to a private citizen or household" are not disclosed.

The Commission was established by King Niall of Maltropia in 1627, in the aftermath of the War of the Sands against the Uí Midire, to determine both the number of citizens in the expanded empire and the debts owed by the monarchy to its supporters, as Niall had made substantial pledges of reward in the course of the war. Another census was conducted under his second son, Conall Ua Ghleanntámhlachta, in 1640, and each of his successors commissioned a census within the first few years of their respective reigns. Diarmuid II instituted a decennial census, beginning in 1823, and from 1943 it was made to take place every five years.