City of Leisure

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City of Leisure
Stad Defriezeit
Stad Defreizeit Town Square.jpg
Stad Defreizeit in 2017
General information
Location1 Stad Defreizeit Way, Tuujarnia, Heldervin
Construction started1 May 341
Completed28 February 1689
Cost1.835 billion helds
OwnerCity of Ansium
ManagementStad Defreizeit Administration
Technical details
  • Concrete
  • Iron
Design and construction
ArchitectEmmeline Faust

The City of Leisure (Heldervinian: Stad Defreizeit /stæd defrezɑt/), or simply Defreizeit, is the largest entertainment venue complex in Heldervin, located just outside of the bounds of Vrebsicourg. It is named so due to the fact that it is home to various entertainment options. Its area is split into five major districts, each home to distinct kinds of shops and opportunities. It is one of four major structures owned by the City of Ansium, alongside the Ansium Tower, Shining Gardens, and SAM Historic Factory.

Groundbreaking and construction on the city began in 341. It was constructed to draw in tourists, and was ordered by Æksbatton. THere is also some debate over whether he also wanted to establish a private estate in the land as well. Although initially criticized by leading Berushian architects for its design, it has since become a major cultural icon and tourist destination. The structure recieved 47,234,341 visitors in 2056, the most in the entirety of Heldervin.


Æksbatton, the king of Berush at the time, is generally credited as the primary architect for the Stad Defreizeit. The king was known for his stoneworking, being a patron of many great construction projects, including the Ansium Tower. A marble plith was discovered in 1681 bearing his name.