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Colony of Chistovodia

Colony of Chistovodia

Flag of Chistovodia Čystovodja
Chistovodia's maximum territorial claim (dark green) in Asteria Superior (grey)
Chistovodia's maximum territorial claim (dark green) in Asteria Superior (grey)
and largest city
New Samistopol
Official languagesSoravian
Ethnic groups
GovernmentColonial absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Ivan IV
• Governor
Grogori Kosh (First: 1567 - 1588)
• Colonisation
• Soravian Civil War
• Independence
2,399,981 km2 (926,638 sq mi)

The Colony of Chistovodia was the terminology for all the land claimed by Admiral Grigori Kosh for the Soravian Empire in 1567. Whilst originally constituting several forts, trading ports and fishing and lumber settlements on the western coast of Asteria Superior under the governorship of Kosh, the territories would become key in the Soravian New World. Soravian quickly claimed much of the western coast of the continent and later enforced this claim through wars with its native people.

Chistovodia's population was concentrated on its coastline with the Lumine Ocean, but its smaller in-land population participated in the large-scale internal fur-trade with both native groups and other Euclean fur traders.

After almost 300 years of Soravian colonisation, which saw the colony and that of Vinalia to its south merge into one, the colony participated in the First Soravian Civil War on the side of the Seven Province Union with the condition of independence on the war's conclusion. Whilst Olsov would attempt to renege on his province, the threat of a trans-lumine war as the colony declared its independence in 1858 resulted in Chistovodia being granted legitimate independence from the Soravian Republic in 1860.