Colony of Vinalia

Crown Colony of Vinalia

Kолонія Віналія
Koloniya Vinaliya
Flag of Colony of Vinalia
Middle coat of arms
Anthem: Нуруцький березень
Nurutsʹkyy berezenʹ
("Nuruk's March")
Official languagesSoravian
Recognised languages Volynian
Episemialist Sotirianity
GovernmentColonial Absolute monarchy
• 1715–1722
Casimir III (first)
• 1829–1861
Ivan VI (last)
• 1715–1728
Vladimir Yirikov (first)
• 1850–1863
Victor Danilchuk (last)
• Colony separated from Chistovodia
• Incorporation of New Poliania
• Independece
Preceded by
Succeeded by
New Poliania
Colony of Chistovodia

The Colony of Vinalia (Soravian:Kолонія Віналія), officially Crown Colony of Vinalia (Soravian:Коронна Kолонія Віналія), was a crown colony of the Soravian Empire, established in 1715 to administer the lands largely inhabited by the "Vinakian" people, which were distinct than the indigenous people from the Colony of Chistovodia. The colony grew in size in 1721, when the Polianian colony of New Poliania was conquered, and it was annexed into the Colony of Vinalia.

Initially the Colony consisted of small towns mostly dedicated to mining or logging, and a small amount of forts to counter Polianian raids. Upon the annexation of New Poliania, the profitable and extensive plantations came under control of Soravia, which began to work the plantations with a mix of serfs, indigenous workers, and slaves brought from Bahia. The large ports of Catherinsk, Vevetsia, and Orlavo became major naval bases for the Soravian navy, and allowed for the export of the profitable crops grown in the colony.

The Colony would see itself in close contact with the Etrurian colony of Marirana, and would see itself embroiled in conflict with the young nation upon the Mariranan Revolutionary War, where the colony would contribute to the defeat of Salvatore Renzi . With the start of the First Soravian Civil War, the colony would follow the steps of Chistovodia, and would join the new state of Chistovodia in 1863, as an Autonomous Province inside the nation.