Commonwealth Kingdoms Armed forces

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Armed Forces of the Commonwealth Kingdoms
Service branchesCommonwealth Kingdoms Army
Commonwealth Kingdoms Royal Navy
Royal Commonwealth Air Force
Headquarterscommonwealth City Military Base
the Supreme Commander of the Armed ForcesKing William V
defence SecretaryLord jack
chief of the defence staffGeneral Sir Bob slingsby
Military age18-65
Conscriptionyes 2 years for males
Available for
military service
230,290,212, age 18-65 (2011 est.)
Fit for
military service
105,096,743, age 18-65 (2011 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
1,396,234 (2011 est.)
Active personnel2,100,000
Reserve personnel2,250,000
BudgetC£800 billion
Percent of GDP10%
Domestic suppliersCommonwealth Defense Systems, commonwealth naval engineering, commonwealth Air and space armaments
Annual importsRussia, UK, China

The Commonwealth Kingdoms Armed Forces (CKAF), is the military force of Commonwealth kingdoms which consists of the Commonwealth Kingdoms Army, Commonwealth Kingdoms Navy, Commonwealth Kingdoms Air Force.


The CKAF was founded in 1995 with the independence of the CK from the UK, it uses the same ranking and training as the UK.

The CKAF was part of the British armed forces from 1700 up until 1995 seeing many wars abroad throughout the years with major involvement in ww1, ww2 and the Falklands war.

During ww1 over 300,000 kingdomians fought and over 56,000 died, major battles involving kingdomians was gallipoli and the some.

During ww2 over 500,000 kingdomians fought in all major theatres and the kingdomians commando unit was created to fight alongside the British commandos, the kingdomians Air force and navy was small and only used as transport and to supply troops throughout the war.

Today, the CKAF consist of: the Commonwealth Kingdoms Royal Navy, a blue-water navy with a fleet of over 100 commissioned ships, together with the Commonwealth Royal Marine Commandos, a highly specialised amphibious light infantry force; the Commonwealth Army, the CK's principal land warfare branch; and the Royal Commonwealth Air Force, a technologically sophisticated air force with a diverse operational fleet consisting of both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. The CKAF include standing forces, Regular Reserve, Volunteer Reserves, Sponsored Reserves and conscripts.