Communist Party of Verbiza

Communist Party of Verbiza
Verbizan nameKomunisticheska partiya na verbiza
General SecretaryDimitar Tanev
ChairpersonKamena Bunev
FounderPetar Bunev
Founded15 May 1910
Legalised5 April 1926
Merger ofCommunist Party of Verbiza
Liberation Front of Verbiza
HeadquartersBunevgrad, Verbiza
NewspaperOur Lantern
Student wingPioneers of the Popular Ideal
Youth wingYoung Pioneers
Women's wingOrder of the Moon and Star
IdeologySoviet democracy
Political positionFar-left
SloganProletarians of the world, unite!
Party flag
Verbiza communist flag.png

The Communist Party of Verbiza (Verbizan: Komunisticheska partiya na verbiza) is the far-left, ruling party of the People's Communal Republic of Verbiza.


The Communist Party of Verbiza is led by the Central Committee, which is comprised of party members elected by the annual Party Congress. The head of the Central Committee is the General Secretary, who is the de jure leader of the Communist Party. The Chairperson of the Communist Party is the speaker of the annual Party Congress.

The Party Congress, which convenes every year, is the party's main decision making body. All members with a rank of "Labor Leader" or higher may participate in the Party Congress. The Party Congress determines the ideological goals and direction of the party. Though separate from the national legislature, decisions made by the Party Congress play a major role in influencing policy.

In general, the Central Committee can make decisions for the party throughout the time between Party Congresses. Their mandate to direct party policy is granted from their election by the Party Congress.

A defining feature of the Communist Party of Verbiza is that, while it effectively directs the policies of the government and controls them, it is not the government. It does not have any direct authority to act beyond what is granted it by the government. This distinction is important in a bureaucratic sense because decisions made by the Communist Party may not be adopted immediately by the government. There is no legal compulsion to do so. However, the Communist Party's direction of national ideology is almost always adopted and/or imposed by party members, including members of the legislature.

The only exception to this principle are departments of the Communist Party of Verbiza, which receive charters from the state to act on its behalf.

Ranking system

Membership to the Communist Party is open to every Verbizan citizen, but there is a ranking structure that determines involvement in certain party activities (voting, access to conferences, etc.)

Members of the party are promoted to a higher rank every 5 years or upon promotion. Promotion is granted for meeting labor goals, acts of heroism, etc.

The rank structure is outlined below (highest to lowest):

Rank image Rank (English) Rank (Verbizan)
Taiwan-army-OF-9a.svg Region Leader Regionalen lider
Taiwan-army-OF-8.svg Section Leader Razdel lider
Taiwan-army-OF-7.svg Group Leader Grupata lider
Taiwan-army-OF-2.svg Labor Leader Trudov lider
Taiwan-army-OF-1b.svg Assistant Asistent
Taiwan-army-OF-1a.svg Cadet Kadet
No rank insignia Comrade Drugar


Departments of the Communist Party of Verbiza have a state-derived mandate to act on behalf of the government. They act with the same authority as a government entity. In general, the government handles most administrative action. In general, the government grants the Communist Party direct action over a particular subject matter through a department if "the need for direct ideological action is of greater public good than the benefits of due process."

This principle is brought into question, however, with the existence of entities like the Party Intelligence Bureau (PRB), which international human rights monitors have designated a secret police force that wields significant power in the country. Whether the government could revoke the mandate for Communist Party departments is unclear and unlikely.

The departments, there committees, and their bureaus (if applicable) are listed below:

  • Department of Communications
    • Committee for Public Relations
      • Order of the Moon and Star
      • Pioneers of the Popular Ideal
      • Young Pioneers
    • Committee for Socialism Abroad
    • Our Lantern (party newspaper)
  • Department of Culture
    • Committee for Fine Arts
    • Committee for Sports
    • Committee for the Verbizan Language
  • Department of State
    • Committee for Communal Affairs
      • Party Membership Bureau, PCB
    • Committee for State Security
      • Party Intelligence Bureau, PRB
      • Party Security Bureau, PBS