Demetria Marik

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Demetria Marik
Demetria in a Royal Army formal uniform wearing a Cross of the Empress.
Born14 February 1881
Carrera, Abruzzo, Cacertian Empire
Died20 March 1965 (aged 84)
Tivolo, Abruzzo, Cacerta
AllegianceCacertianEmpireFlag.png Cacertian Empire (to 1940)
 Cacerta (after 1940)
Service/branchCacertianImperialArmyFlag.png Cacertian Imperial Army
CRAFlag.png Cacertian Royal Army
Years of service1901 – 1956 (55 years)
RankCRA-OF-10.png General of Armed Forces
Commands heldArmy Commander of the Royal Army
Battles/warsDivide War
Siduri War

Demetria Murata Marik (14 February 1881 – 20 March 1956) was a Cacertian Division General, and later General of Armed Forces, noted for her service leading ground forces during the Divide War and as commander of all Cacertian ground forces during the Siduri War.

She is best known for her contribution in pioneering motorized and armored warfare tactics for use in the Royal Army, utilizing the interwar period to learn about tank development in other armies. A strong advocate for using radio communication between tanks, Demetria developed effective tactics of which derivatives are still in use today.

Demetria continued to train armored warfare tactics at Anzio Women's Academy following the war and assisted in modernizing Cacerta’s armored divisions until retiring from the army in 1956.

Childhood to Adult Life


Military Service

Divide War

Desopya Campaign

Great War

Later Life