A Drznet is a type of personal cloud server. The name derives from Kavacian držení, 'holding', and in West Borea is typically simply known as a 'holding network' or 'holding server'. Although commonly taken to be simply a type of distributed network, drznets operate across computing functionalities.

Drznets allow secure, private management of a large number of networked devices. Its most common application has been in the formation of expansive internet of things, and are the primarily system used to manage private (especially noble) holdings of devices in countries such as Zesmynia, the country drznets emerged from and are most used in today. It also allows for secure communication between users, and operating peer-to-peer tasks. Drznet address accessibility is typically cryptographically restricted and quantitatively limited (known as 'usufruct') to ensure 'scarcity of identity' and thus the integrity of a reputation system with users. They are used with blockchain-based distributed systems such as BYT.

The first drznet was Reva, launched in 1992 by Zesmynian nobleman ??? to manage his computerized possessions including a factory. Reva was the only drznet in service until 2005 when a rival system, ???, was launched. Today globally there are 14 different drznet systems, predominantly used in Zesmynia and elsewhere in West Borea.