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Capital City
Honor from Trust, Trust from Integrity
Incorporation Date1756
 • MayorBorislav Resnik
 • Total8,542,000

Durnen is the capital city of Durnstaal. First founded as Duern around 400 B.C.E, incorporated as Duern in 1580, and reincorporated as Durnen in 1756. It is the largest metropolitan area on Lake Gravenna and the oldest city in the country. As of 2020, the population was estimated at 8,542,00, making it the second largest city in Durnstaal.

City Districts

Czarburg: The oldest section of the city, dating back to the 400's B.C. Home to Duern Estate and many of the surviving ruins of ancient Duern.

International Row: Home to many of the foreign embassies located within the city.



Historical Buildings

Duern Estate: The home of the Durnian Royal Family. Parts of this estate date back to the 200’s B.C.E.


Kolspatz: The meetingplace of the House of Citizens and the House of Elders where legislation is proposed, discussed, and voted on. First built in 1585

Czar Mount Stadium: The city's main soccer stadium and one of the oldest in the country. Named for Czar Vaclav Husa II, one of the main proponents behind it's construction.

Sieň Otcov: A large meeting hall in the city center. The current one is built on the foundation of the one that burnt down in 1835, which in turn was built upon the foundations of the one which collapsed in 1622. Historical records and archeological evidence suggest a total of 7 different structures having been built on the site dating as far back as 332 C.E., all serving the same purpose.

Professional Teams

Durnen Strikers: Durnen’s professional soccer team. Member of the Einhelt League and annual participant in the Einhelt League Championship. Named both for an archaic term for skirmisher and the nickname of a former player.


Durnen is an old city with a lot of history. This has cultivated the general idea that Duern’s legacy continues through Durnen and as such whatever Durnen does should be viewed as Duernian. This has led not only to inhabitants calling themselves Duernians but also to a strong, stubborn resolve that can easily hinder change as much as it helps it.


The city is heavily focused around tourism and information. The city serviced an estimated 42.2 million tourists in 2019, mostly foreigners, making it the second most visited city in the nation after Piva. The city houses the headquarters of the National Bank of Durnstaal and a mint alongside branches for several major banks. The city also acts as a stopover point for many shipments between nations north and south of Lake Gravenna, especially trains. Local manufacturing is limited but includes injection molded parts, textiles, and glassware.