Dusky Nipple

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Dusky Nipples sat on a table

The Dusky Nipple (Gharbaic: Halmat al-Shwkwlat) is a brand of chocolate dessert first developed and produced by the Auda Foods Company in 1937. Unlike more conventional Mutulese chocolate, it is a sweet confection with a solid, creamy consistency rather than a spicy or bitter bottled beverage. The candy has been described as having a teardrop shape, and has a core consisting of dark chocolate or fudge beneath its milk chocolate exterior. It is a popular dessert item in the Ozeros region, and has inspired a number of much beloved street foods as well as corporate spin-offs such as the Milky Nipple and the Fruity Nipple. In Pulau Keramat, culinary schools and academies often have advanced courses dedicated to the dessert.