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The Drakon Monarchy of Dyste

Motto: "Nix kethend ur mytal eh vorel Valis."
Official languagesDraconic, Mystrian Common
Ethnic groups
Draconids 38%
Kobolds 35%
Other Beastlings 10%
Tanager 7%
Elves 5%
Orcs 2%
Other 3%
The Order of Bahamut
GovernmentSemi Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Tyroth Blackfang
• Queen
Sarisa Crescent
• Prime Minister
Winstara Gnomekicker
Seceded from the Empire of Great Corneria
• Declared Sovereignty, Crowned Tyroth King
• 2020 census
Dystan Census
CurrencyDystan Silver Piece (DSP)
Time zoneDystan Standard Time (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sidevehicles drive on the left side of the road

The Drakon Monarchy of Dyste is an island nation located around the center of the region of Mystria, southwest of Central Mystria. While one of the smaller nations in the region, it is one of the most wealthy and historically significant nations in the region, famous for being the main place to find the powerful draconic race known as 'Draconids'. Founded by the famous Adventurer-King Tyroth Blackfang, Dyste has spent a lot of its history as a mostly neutral party in political affairs, offering trade and aid to other nations though generally preferring to stay out of military matters. That said, it has been a popular haven for budding adventurers over the years due to the nation's roots in the profession.


Before Sovereignty

Prior to the founding of Dyste, the Draconids were interspersed in tribes across Mystria and beyond; no records exist on how long they have existed, or how they came into existence. It is known that they must have existed for at least a thousand years, as the oldest living Draconids are roughly that age. The island known as Dyste was originally part of the Cardia Islands, part of what would later be the Empire of Great Corneria. There was little in the way of diplomacy between the tribes or with them and the outside world until a young Dark Draconid orphan was found by a mercenary camp. After learning the art of battle from them, he found a tribe of his people within the Melmond Woods, where he was given the name 'Tyroth'. Tyroth chose to search the lands for other tribes, meeting a race of elves and befriending the mage Jarlsberg Thaumsmith, and beating the champion of the fire tribe Kelvon Darkfire in battle before meeting his original tribe, learning he was of the Blackfang clan. Using that name, Tyroth, Kel, and Jarl formed the Black Fangs adventuring party, set on uniting the tribes, later joined by the drow Mishera Val'Shorath. While adventuring, Tyroth has amassed a fortune in treasure and aided other people, bringing them to his cause.


After meeting with several of the tribes, it was evident the Draconids and those they had allied with needed a land to called their own. The Black Fangs, joined by a traveling Orcess Paladin named Lissah Bonecrusher, were given a quest by the God-King of Dragonkind, Bahamut, in order to prove their worth. After clearing His trials, Bahamut gave the adventurers His blessing, Tyroth a mantle to confirm his right to rule, and granted the island known as Dyste to them. While most gladly accepted Tyroth as their king, some dissidents caused him to postpone his ascension to the throne until they were quelled. Tyroth married his tutor in magic, Sarisa Crescent, and they became the king and queen of Dyste in 1410.

Imperial War

The Draconids and other species that chose to make Dyste their home spend the next 50 years building the nation, using the fortune Tyroth had amassed to fund the infrastructure. However, their growth was interrupted by the rise of the Cornerian Empire, its Emperor claiming a right to the nation as a vassal state. The Dystans denied this claim, but its sheer size and the rumors of the Empire being an agent of a god himself made it difficult to combat with the military still being built up. As such, Tyroth chose to hire a new group of adventurers in order to help protect his new homeland. Unlike with the Black Fangs, this group did not initially have the bonds the founding group shared at first, but by pulling together managed to aid Dyste in its time of need. Their influence affected Dyste's history profoundly, with new factions being created to protect the nation and some becoming legends still spoken of to the modern day.

The Dragon Sea Alliance

A few decades after the Imperial War, an alliance between Dyste, Glaristant, Silverdale, Rohane Alista and the Ice Kingdom was formed in order to combat the efforts of the Dark Dragon Tribe. Dyste was represented by Crown Princess Tynah, and through the efforts of the group, created an alliance that has lasted to the modern day.

Adventuring King

After the war, Tyroth's thirst for adventure lead him to regroup the Black Fangs, with Lissah taking the role Kel left after he became the leader of the military. They also recruited members outside of the main four, including allies obtained during the Imperial War. Tyroth did not simply do this to satisfy his wanderlust, but also to improve diplomatic relations, obtain treasure to improve the wealth of the nation, and to defend Mystria from threats both from within and the planes without. It was during the late 19th century when a demon invasion caused Jarl to sacrifice himself to end the threat, causing Tyroth to finally retire from adventuring.


Dyste still maintained trade and business dealings after the Black Fangs retired up until the Great Plague, which wiped out a tenth of Dyste's total population. It was only ended when Mishera managed to rid the land of its magical malady, at the cost of her original body. This devastating plague causing the nation to close off its borders for several decades.

Modern Day

Even during its isolationist period, King Tyroth used his influence to keep an eye on Mystrian affairs. In the 1990s, they chose to finally allow some of the nations that they had close ties to before the isolationist period to start diplomatic talks. Yet, it wasn't until the late 2000's when a group of young Dystans who had been born after the borders had been closed started a movement to increase diplomatic ties with the outside world. Tyroth, desiring a day when Dyste could be open with the world again, secretly aided their cause until it was clear to the nation that the time for isolation was over. Ever since then, Dyste has been open to the world, with groups promoting tourism, diplomacy, and immigration.


Dyste is an island nation situated close to the center of Mystria, and as such tends to have little variance in weather; it never appears to snow in Dyste. Lush greenlands and forests cover most of the nation, with a large beach area to the southern edge and a mountainous region to the north.

The calm weather, alongside with hospitable residents and numerous vacation spots, has made Dyste a popular tourist spot in recent years.


Dyste is a semi-constitutional monarchy; the monarch is the head of state, while the prime minister is the head of government. While the monarch generally allows parliament to run the country as they see fit, they still hold immense sway in the politics of the nation, owing to its past as an absolute monarchy. King Tyroth primarily acts as a diplomatic official and symbol of the nation, albeit a highly beloved one.

The House of Blackfang

The House of Blackfang is the Draconid royal family of Dyste, founded by Tyroth Blackfang, the monarch of Dyste from its inception to the present day. Noted by their black scales and golden 'underside', only members born into the family are officially considered members, with those marrying into it, like Queen Sarisa, considered 'honourary' members. They reside in Castle Dyste, due north of the capital city of Valitora.


Parliament is located in the Hall of Knowledge in Valitora. It is headed by the Prime Minister, currently Winstara Gnomekicker, a kobold activist and supporter of strengthing foreign ties. Considering the value of wisdom in politics, it is not surprising that many of the ministers happen to be Sages themselves.

Foreign Relations

Main article: Foreign Relations of Dyste

Dyste had made efforts in the last decade to improve foreign relations with nations, both those they had close ties to before the isolationism and ones they had little to no interaction with previously.

One of their most notable alliances is the Dragon Sea Alliance, founded in part by Sage Melux Whitewing that consisted of Dyste, their former province Glaristant, their ally in the Imperial War Silverdale, the nations of Rohane and Alista which had recently formed into a single nation, and the Ice Kingdom, later absorbed into Silverdale. Later additions include Rintyar.


The Military of Dyste is primarily run by the Royal Knights, a group of elite knights sworn to the service of the House of Blackfang in order to protect the nation and its people. The Knights run most military affairs, primarily focused on the defense of the nation rather than being trained for offensive pursuits. The head of the Royal Knights is Kelvon 'Kel' Darkfire.

In addition, the Royal Navy has held considerable influence due to Dyste's status as an island nation. Founded by the privateer Tobias Patton, an alliance with the Sarkesh Pirates and capturing Imperial ships strengthened them greatly, alongside innovations such as cannons allowed them to become one of the strongest navies at the time. Even today they still hold a highly-regarded position in Dyste's armed forces. The current Fleet Admiral is Nialis Kevelle, a Water Draconid psychic and former deckhand on Tobias's ship.


Dyste is a land that values the freedom of the individual, provided one does not infringe on the rights of others. Kindness, community and altruism are highly regarded values in Dystan society, and one's life and well-being is regarded as sacred.

A large part of life in Dyste is the use of magic, formed from the Eight Elements: Fire, Water, Cold, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness. They are of the belief that all life is made up of these elements, and magic is a way to interact with the life of the world.

The most populous race of Dyste are the Draconids, a draconic race that average on three meters/ten feet in height. Their immense strength and longevity make them seem fearsome, but the vast majority prefer a peaceful life. Each one is heavily attuned to one specific element, leading to eight subspecies based on each elemental type. They tend to rather blunt and can come as unfeeling to species that do not know them well, but they are an emotional species that make close bonds with those they values as friends and family.

The second most popular race of Dyste are Kobolds, who compared to their fellow Drakon are rather small in stature, usually two and a half feet in height. Their cute appearance have given them a bit of a status as a 'mascot' race in Dyste, but they are generally hardworking and loyal. They speak in a dialect of Draconic known as 'Kobosh', where many words are treated as that relate to dragons, or 'bolds' (for example, a cow is a 'moobold', or 'moos at dragons', while a crocodile is a 'chompbold', or 'chomping dragon')

Beastlings are varied in Dyste, with Cows, Squirrels, Cats, Sheep and Pigs being among the most common types.

In Dyste, meals are considered to be a social event, and it is often considered rude to eat by oneself. Feasts are common for supper in particular, with a community getting together to eat.

Theater is a popular form of entertainment, with plays both local and foreign being hosted in the Culture District of Valitora.

Dyste is known as the birthplace of the modern airship in Mystria, with the Lufenia-class of airships being considered one of the most prominent airship types used in the region to this day.


Dyste has four major cities: Valitora, Undellah, Auram and Calberona. Valitora, the capital, is situated in the center of the nation and considered the cultural and mercantile center of Dyste. Undellah to the south is a beach site and a popular vacation spot, as well as the dominant fishing market. Auram to the west is considered the entertainment center of the nation, with highlights being the Draconid's Casino and Auram Arena, the latter of which predated the city, which was build over time as more people lived around there. Calberona to the east is known for its research, with the Jarlsberg Institute being the leading magical research institute in Dyste.