Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco
Coat of Arms of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco
ScriptureHoly Bible
High PrimateArchbishop of Arciluco and Alikianos and Ecumenical Patriarch Alexander VIII
LanguageAmathian, Piraean
HeadquartersCathedral of the Holy Apostles, Arciluco
TerritoryAmathia, Piraea, Amathian and Piraean Churches abroad
FounderApostle Andrew
Origin310 AD
Independence476 AD, from the See of Solaria
Merger ofEcumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco (in exile)
Amathian Episemialist Church
SeparationsAmathian Episemialist Church
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco (in exile)
Cathedral of the Holy Apostles, Arciluco
Metropolitan Cathedral, Alikianos

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco (Amathian: Ⱂⰰⱅⱃⰹⰰⱃⱍⰹⰰ Ⰵⰽⱆⰿⰵⱀⰹⰽⱐ ⰴⰵ Ⰰⱃⰽⰹⰾⱆⰽⱁ, tr. Patriarhia Ecumenică de Arciluco; Piraean: Οἰκουμενικόν Πατριαρχεῖον ᾽Αρκιλυκος, tr. Oikoumenikón Patriarkhíon Arkilukon) is an Amathian rite Episemialist church, one of the autocephalous churches of the larger communion of the Episemialist Church. Its origins are tied to the creation and early development of Episemialism, and its history left it with a jurisdiction that includes Amathia and the autonomous Metropolitanate of Piraea and Patriarchate of Nouavanau, while also claiming jurisdiction over the Metropolitanate of All Miruvia, with additional dioceses for Episemialists living abroad in Eastern Euclea and Asteria.

It is headed by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Arciluco, currently Alexander VIII, who also holds the titles of Archbishop of Arciluco and Alikianos and is considered ceremonially to be the primus inter pares among all Episemialist Patriarchs, due to Arciluco's important role in the development of Episemialism and the conversion of Western Euclea to Sotirianity.