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The Kingdom of El Dorado

Flag 4.0.png
"Homines enim sunt, quia ad regnum" (Latin)
"For the People, For the Kingdom"
"Est Corona, Quam Tenemus (Latin)"
The Crown Which we Hold a
[[File:El Dorado
Political map 2.0.jpg
|frameless|upright=1.15|Location of El Dorado]]
and largest city
Official languages{{|Latin |English}}
Ethnic groups
• King
Nilo Pío Rojas II
Mireia Martina Iñguez
Prime Minister.png
LegislatureNational Assembly
Independence from Spain
• Declared
June 11, 1670
• Total
475,442 km2 (183,569 sq mi) (15th)
• Water (%)
• July 2030 estimate
166,000,000 (8th)
• 2020 census
• Density
131.053398/km2 (339.4/sq mi) (25th)
GDP (PPP)2011 estimate
• Total
$68,587 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2011; estimate
• Total
$25.759 billion
• Per capita
Gini (2015)44.654
medium · 4
HDI (2011)Increase 0.48236
low · 124th
CurrencyGold nuggets (Gn)
Time zoneUTC+1 (EST WAT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+1 (not observed)
Driving sideright
Calling code+467
Internet TLD.cm

Basic Information

The Kingdom of El Dorado is a Kingdom ruled by King Nilo Pío Rojas II. He has been king for 20 years, ever since his father King Nilo Pío Rojas I died. The Kingdom of El Dorado is located just east of North America and west of Africa. It is a primary spot for importing and exporting goods, especially fish. The geography is mostly flatlands on the outskirts and mountains inside. Gold is the official currency and is also exported out to other countries. Many items made with gold likely came from El Dorado.

King 1.jpg
         El Dorado means “The Golden” in Spanish. Many of the words are derived from Latin, Spanish, and English. Many of the Spanish words have been changed or died out as many English words took their place. Spanish is still spoken across the country but is not labeled as an offical language of El Dorado.


         	King Nilo Pío Rojas II has been the king of El Dorado since August 18, 2000. His father King Nilo Pío Rojas I died of a car crash on August 1, 2000. King Nilo Pío Rojas II was born on September 21 1971 in Aureum. He presented many new ideas including equal pay for all no matter age, race, or gender. 

Medival History

         El Dorado was founded by Spanish conquistadors who were on a quest for new land. When they reached the shores of South America they found something marvelous. A who castle made of gold towering over the city below. As they began to venture forth and guard stopped them. The conquistadors were immediately disarmed and were taken to the palace before king Dorado. He was covered in gold and demanded the reason as to why the Spanish were on his land. The Spanish explained how it was a quest to find new land and riches, which they seemed to have found the perfect place for it. Dorado had heard legends of how the Spanish took over kingdoms and took away freedom from those who called that land home. But Dorado saw the opportunity to create an alliance with Spain. Dorado sent the Spanish conquistadors back to Spain with a message. The message sent was “Shasta debent ad Carolum Quintum te ipsum, si vis ad semper legatorum societate consiliorum confugerant.” (Charles V you yourself must come to El Dorado if you ever want a diplomatic alliance.) only one conquistador returned to Spain as the others were killed by Dorado. 

When Charles V heard the news, he immediately sailed all the way to El Dorado to meet with King Dorado. It took months but eventually, Charles V arrived and met with King Dorado. They conferred for hours on how this agreement would work. Spain would have a trade port and would import and export certain goods. El Dorado would be given protection from Spain and no other countries would be able to conquer El Dorado.

Charles v 3.jpg

The Rapid Spanish Expansion

         El Dorado would grow rapidly during this period and this became known as the Rapid Spanish Expansion. Many animals were transported to El Dorado including horses. Horses became a staple in the growth of El Dorado by making transportation easier and quicker. New foods were introduced especially from the new colonies in the Americas. Sculptures of old and new kings were made and placed in the “Land of Legacy”. 

El dorado and Spain would have a Healthy relationship for 150 years until, on September 12, 1662, when El dorado decided not to be a colony of Spain anymore. King Florianus Atiana Sandoval began to notice that the Spanish weren’t protecting them like before. Many ships from other countries began sailing too close to comfort. All were taken down but not with the Spanish Navy. King Florianus Atiana Sandoval decided now was the perfect time to begin life as a new kingdom like it was 150 years before. They fought a long, hard war for 8 years until on June 11, 1670 the Spanish finally retreated. El dorado was now able to grow as a kingdom without Spain to hold them back.

Spain war.jpg


        El Dorado’s geography is one of the strangest in the world and researchers still aren’t sure how all were formed. The “Land of Legacy” was created during the Rapid Spanish Expansion, but the platforms where the statues stand was there for millions of years before Dorados even lived there. On the other side of El Dorado stands a reef that is the biggest in the entire world. Many fishes thought to have gone extinct still live there and continue to adapt to the new world. The Perritos de Sandia, thought to have gone extinct and only lived around Mexico, was recently discovered in this giant reef and has been placed on the critically endangered list.


Ancient History

Ancient El Dorado was considered a legend for millions of years. Ancient El Dorado was always hidden away by foliage and rarely did anyone ever discover their existence. One day, a young boy who was lost as sea found land and swam for it. He was the first person who ever learned the existence of the legendary city. The citizens took pity on him and he lived there until King Dorado realized he was planning on escaping. King Dorado managed to stop him but how he was stopped remains a mystery to this day. Legends have been told that the boy was eaten by monstrous sea creatures or was flung high into the sky by a giant falcon called an intuitus magnam.

El dorado 3.jpg
         Writing was never used until the Spanish came and people could only speak orally. The Spanish found this hard to believe as Ancient El Dorado was “one of the most advanced places in the ancient world”. One Spanish woman named Estefanía Amancio. Estefanía’s father was an author for the King and learned how to read and write from him. She created the alphabet for the Dorados and became a big part of how the Dorados evolved in history.


          Many trade routes were started but the biggest was with Frankenstein Islands. The trade began soon after El Dorado’s independence from Spain. The two nations have held a peaceful alliance for over 350 years. The second most used trade route is with Thebest Nation. Thebest Nation trade routes are fairly recent compared to the trade with Frankenstein Island. Only 80 years ago in 1940 that El Dorado and Thebest Nation decided to form an alliance. The same can not be said for the tension between El Dorado and the Kingdom of Ataraxia. 
Frankeinstein island flag 2.jpg


The Kingdom of Ataraxia and El Dorado have been on the brink of war since July of 2000. It all started when two cargo ships from El Dorado were not allowed entry in The Kingdom of Ataraxia. The two ships were carrying massive amounts of gold, which was needed to create jewelry and a new statue for (their leader). King Nilo Pío Rojas II decided that this was the last straw. He ordered both ships to return to El Dorado and sent a representative to the Kingdom of Ataraxia to explain his decision. Since then, the two nations have been preparing for war and it is all on the brink of starting. 


The military is considered to be the 20th in the world and all citizens from the ages of 18-20 must serve in the military. This is used to train discipline, and to create a healthy kingdom. All who join at the ages of 18-20 do not go to war and may only go by choice and if their families allow them to. All are able to stay past the required years but may be sent off to war in doing so.

Military 2.jpg