Elia Agramunt

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Élia Agramunt
Elia agramunt.jpeg
Leader of the Communist Party
Assumed office
30 August 2019
Preceded byJavier Flynn
Member of the Federal Parliament
Assumed office
10 August 2017
Prime Ministervarious
Preceded byCatrine Browne
Member of the Butterfly Island Parliament
In office
10 August 2006 – 23 May 2017
Preceded bySimon Albright
Succeeded byRaoul Gomez
Personal details
Élia Agramunt Pérez

(1979-10-10) October 10, 1979 (age 44)
Seahaven, Butterfly Island, Lauchenoiria
Political partyCommunist Party
Spouse(s)Jon García Diaz
Alma materUniversity of Buttercity

Élia Agramunt is the current leader of the Lauchenoirian Communist Party. She was elected by members of the party to her position on the 10th August 2019, following the resignation of her predecessor Javier Flynn following revelations that he had slept with Charissa Clarke who was revealed to be a Kerlian sleeper agent.

Agramunt is a Member of the Federal Parliament of Lauchenoiria. She is married to her husband, Jon García. The couple have no children.

Early Life & Education

Agramunt was born on the 10th October 1979 in Seahaven, the capital of Butterfly Island. At the time, Seahaven was the manufacturing capital of Lauchenoiria, and both her parents and all her aunts and uncles worked in factories in the city. Agramunt was an only child, and when she was seven years old, her father died in a work accident.

She was naturally talented in science at school, and when she was 16 she was admitted early into the University of Buttercity under a government programme for gifted students. She was originally studying biology, however after a year switched her main field of study to politics, which she was greatly interested in. She went on to study a masters in Political Theory at the same institution. Throughout this time, she was active within the Communist Party.

Political Career

Following graduation, she began to work directly for the Communist Party, initially working in communications for one year, and then in policy development for four years. She was elected to the Butterfly Island Parliament as a Communist member in 2006 at the age of 26, becoming one of the youngest members of that parliament at the time.

In 2012, following the death of the former leader of the Butterfly Island Communists from cancer, she became leader of the Butterfly Island Communist Party until 2017 when she was elected to the federal parliament in a by-election. During this period, she managed to increase the vote share of the Communists in Butterfly Island during the 2016 provincial elections, despite a general trend in the other direction on a national level.

In August 2019, she was successfully elected by members of the Communist Party as leader of that party following the resignation of Javier Flynn. Upon her election, she pledged to move the party away from its historic authoritarian roots, which led to both the 1952-1993 regime and the Chaher regime. In October 2019, she expelled all those who had served as ministers during the Chaher regime from the party.

Personal life

Agramunt is married to Jon García, a professional photographer who often travels for his work. The pair have been married since 2011. The couple have two dogs and no children. Agramunt enjoys playing tennis in her spare time, and won a junior tennis championship when she was 15, but gave up after breaking her arm, despite the break healing in full.