Eliso Namre


Eliso Namre

Member of Parlimet , Senior member of the United Kamilistan Party , Nobel Peace Prize Winner ,
Eliso Namre

Vonav-Pratvovish , Central Kamilistan Region
NationalityKamilistani Georgian , mixed with Azeris
CitizenshipThe Revolution Islamic Republic of Greater Kamilistan
EducationNational Law and Rules of Kamilistan
Alma materGisra International Law University
OccupationPolitician ( 2018- )
Known forFor her kind hearted personality , and one of the youngest and represent the Kamilistani Youth in the pariment
Spouse(s)Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan
Parent(s)Seregey K. Namre ( An CEO of an company and have many branches ) and Mrs. Emaly Namre ( An Restaurant owner with 7 Michellen Star )
AwardsNobel Peace Prize Winner for Kamilistan and Bosnia and Herzegovenia
Espionage activity

Eliso Namre , Member of the Kamilistani Parliment , Senior Member of the United Kamilistan Party , Noble Peace Prize Winner for Kamilistan and Bosnia and Herzegovenia and represemt the Kamilistani Youth and Youngsters. Eliso Namre is known for her kind hearted personality , and one of the youngest and represent the Kamilistani Youth in the pariment.

Early Childhood

Born in an whelthy familiy , Eliso Namre father , Seregey K. Namre is an succesful CEO of an company , which have many braches both mainland and aborad. While her mother was an sucessful owner of an restaurant that receive 7 Michellen Star. She was privatly tutored when she was in Primary School from age 7-12 before sending towards the Newrton International School , during that time she was an teen , and she was mostly quiet in school but still she have alot of friends. She joined the Newrton Charity Club and receive many awards for the clubs charity to the poor.

Education and entering politics

When she was 17 she got interested in poltics , when still in Newrton International School she was always in the TOP 10 and rank 3rd for the bests student in both acedemic and attitude. When she graduated she got accepted by the Gisra International Law University , she was overjoyed when she heard this and she moved to the capital to study. Not only that she joined the UKP as an normal member but climb up the ranks. She graduated with a first degree and was selected as an candicate for MP , she was represented the city of Ismayaiili , one of the 5 Adminstartive Krauka or Special Adminstrative Goverment States. She was one of the many young representive in the Parliment , other then Bakial Ngakali , ex-Prime Minister of Greater Kamilitsan , who his the represent the People's Union Party [PUP] , an Matrixt-Communism-Mixed Socialist Demcoratic based party.

Politcs Years

During her time as poltician an the member of the United Kamilistan Party , she had alot of challenges , most notabally the RKPF , the amount of un-stability and of course the PUP , the rival of UKP and the most know figure , Bakial Ngakali. On May 2019 , she went to visit an convention with a few others to the state of West Coast Batumi , the Batumi State. To visit the almost finished International Trading Convention Building or Revolujion 12 , and she gave a speech saying that the project will Let foreign and allies to come and do buisness and partner with Kamilistan in the oncoming days , and on June the 7th , she also went to see the contruction of an train expressway connecting the North Kadush Regions , an higly mountain region with lack of development , and known for the K-44 Highway , one of the dangerous highway in Kamilistan , each year , 56 people will die on that road.

During the Kalsakian Crisis ( Kalsakia is an self-autonmy republic , is basically Yakutia and located up North and always get the coldest temperature ). Eliso Namre donated about 2 Million Kaluns to the state mayor and people , this wa from her own saving and payout by the goverment. Eliso Namre won many Noble Peace Prize but the most notable one are the Noble Peace Prize of Kamilistan and Noble Peace Prize pf Bosnia and Herzegovenia , this prize was given to her when she went on an diplomatic mission to Bosnia and Herzegovenia to calm the tensions between Serbian and Bosnian , and diffrent religion.

Her father , since he was an CEO of an major and international company , he always wanted to pass onto her daughter when he retired , and he deemed that her being an politician was deemed as Being to manly and not a women and now her daughter prove that politician can be both man and female , and she became an MP of parliment. Her father misunderstood her and finally he accept her path and was pround of her , as her daughter. Her mother on the other hand was deeply proud , she wanted womens voices in Kamilistan to spread and not to be order as either to be an Housewife or to easy. And she got what she want , her own daughter as an politician that not only voice out the women , and to the world aswell.

Personal Life

Eliso Namre is married to the Sharifistan Intelligence Officer Khalid Suleiman Muhammad Khan (intelligence officer) , she deeply loves him and always cared about him but she is always worried about him as he always have to do mission sent by the Sharifistan Goverment to spy on enemy lines. But when he is with her she is always by with him , and she the only one a good cook. When she is free she either read a book or listen to Kamilistani Classic Music. She can be strict sometimes when it comes to some things but she calm and kindhearted. Currently , they have no children but Eliso Namre wondered what it likes to be an mother...maybe one day she will find out