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The Aristocracy of Eutopia is an "aristocracy of wisdom" and authoritarian regime that follows Hellenic Paganism and the main teachings of The Republic (a work of philosophy by Plato).

The Aristocracy of Eutopia

Αριστοκρατία του Ευτοπία
Motto: Μάθε τον εαυτό σου
"Know Thyself"
Official languagesGreek
commercial languagesMunkcestrian (2018-2020), Russian, English
Hellenic polytheism
• Archon
Sokrátis Eutopia
• Deputy Chairman
Glaucon Eutopia
LegislatureCouncil of Guardians


Eutopia is run by the Council of Guardians, an elite group of philosophers selected from childhood (10 years old) to attend The Academy. Collectively, this council has absolute power. A Chairman is elected to chair meetings of the Council and hold executive power. The current Chairman is Sokrátis Eutopia. Political parties are illegal.

Education system

A basic education in reading, writing, Greek mythology, physical education, music and arithmetic is provided until the age of 10. At the age of 10 pupils either enter the Academy, Scientific School (designed to train people who later go to Medical or Engineering School) or vocational school/apprenticeships. A proportion of Academy students become career soldiers or officers whilst a proportion take a Doctorate of Philosophy become philosopher-rulers.


Unlike the majority of societies globally, Eutopia practices polandry amongst the philosopher-rulers and the warrior class. Eutopia is influenced greatly by Ancient Hellenic societies and so other characteristics were inspired by them.

Class system Eutopia is divided into three classes: philosopher-rulers, military personnel and producers. Until December 2020, Eutopia practiced slavery, with slaves as a fourth class. Slaves were mostly the children of other slaves though prisoners of war could be enslaved.