Franz Selleaux

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Franz Selleaux
David Miliband 2.jpg
Picture of Franz Selleaux, circa 2020
Avergnonian Elected Archon
Assumed office
January 1st, 2020
Personal details
BornSeptember 14th, 1976
Spouse(s)Evette Selleaux
ParentsAlder and Sophia Sellveaux
OccupationAvergnonian Elected Archon
ProfessionPolitical Figure
Salary500,000 Groschen
Net worth13 million Groschen

Franz Selleaux is the current Archon of Avergnon.

Early Life and Education

Franz Selleaux was born to Alder and Sophia Selleaux on September 14th 1976. He grew up in the culture rich City-State of Selleaux. There, from early childhood he was trained to make a strong corporate leader. At the age of twelve he was enrolled into business management courses at the esteemed Montellogne School of Industry. He graduated with honors from MSI at the age of sixteen. Following his graduation from MSI, Franz enlisted into the Royal Avergnonian Military as a commissioned officer. Following his successful completion of Avergnonian Basic Training, Franz was awarded the rank of Lieutenant. He was assigned command of the 3rd Infantry Division (Modern infantry divisions typically consisting of 120 men). Franz served in the Royal Avergnonian Military for a term of four years, holding the same rank and command throughout his military career. Franz was discharged with full military-honors. At the age of 20, Franz was enrolled at the prestigious University of Tofino in Zamastan. There he studied World Politics, and graduated with honors at the age of 24. Following the achievement of his Bachelor’s degree, Franz enrolled in Freeman-Young University located in Vessalia, Avergnon, to earn his Master’s Degree. During his second year at Freeman-Young Franz married his wife, Evette Selleaux, and would go on to earn a PHD in Political Science from Freeman-Young as well. By the time Franz finished his extensive education he was 30 years old. At the age of 30, Franz set off into his career as a Political Figure in the Avergnonian Royal Parliament in Vessalia, Avergnon.