Gaia Atlia

Gaia Atlia is the third planet in the Solar System, and the only one capable of bearing life, notably sentient, human life. According to carbon dating, Gaia Atlia formed nearly five billion years ago, alongside the PLACEHOLDER, its primary satellite. During this time period, extensive volcanism and lithosphere upheaval created the tectonic plates that form the crust of Gaia Atlia. These plates shift over several hundred thousand, or even millions, of years, creating continents, islands, mountains, and other geographical features on the surface.

Approximately PLACEHOLDER billion people live on Gaia Atlia in 1980, the last year for which data exists, and have developed wildly diverse and disparate cultures and countries. Currently, there are PLACEHOLDER states on the planet, loosely organized into PLACEHOLDER blocs, either formally or informally.

These sovereign states compete heavily for resources and geopolitical influence, either directly via military means, or indirectly via political, economic, or diplomatic pressure. A period of quick scientific advancement and subsequent mechanization of various manufacturing processes -- known as the Industrial Revolution -- led to rising standards in quality of life for the average Atlian. With the development of atomic power, technology expanded even faster as several states began placing artificial satellites in orbit around Gaia Atlia, and even sending excursions to visit PLACEHOLDER, its moon.

The widespread and prolonged industrialization process and increasingly surging population has led to widespread environmental devastation, either indirectly as companies and nations extract resources, or indirectly, as global warming precipitates calamitous die-offs in nearly every environmental sphere. Biodiversity is strongly threatened in Gaia Atlia, and the threats of global warming, desertification, and ocean acidification have led to increasing geopolitical tensions among multiple nuclear-armed states.

It remains to be seen whether Gaia Atlia's biosphere will recover from these events, or if human intervention will irrevocably tip the scales in favor of recovery or widespread extinction of life.


Name Largest country Total population Largest city
Svalheim Inoroth N/A Rothia
Eiren Fanaglia Placeholder Placeholder City
Mizra Pavlostani ten trillion/Placeholder N/A
Parthan Khadari League Unknown Unknown
Tiantian Clockwork Empire 610,000,000 Unmeikyo
Nordesia Mararasa 4 Placeholder
North Oulous Razonica 200,000,000 Placeholder
South Oulous Ambrosia 10,000,000 Placeholder
Pahada Three Kingdoms 40,000,000 Placeholder
Arkaz Arkaz Unknown Placeholder

Vapor Region

Gaia Atlia is the planet on which all Vapor III (NS region) RPs take place.