General Order 436

General Order 436 was an order issued on the 27-12-2036 (31/03/2084 Asgar Standard Date) by the General Staff of the Federation of Greater Slavacia in response to the mobilization of Kaiserrelman troops and the Battle of Shang Palace.

It intended to mobilize the Mito Special Military District and elevate the alert status to that of Full Readiness as well as intensify maritime, ASW and submarine patrols around Mito Island. A much bigger effect was that the order essentially declared Slavacia's participation in the conflict.


All units part of the Slavacian Mito Island Military District are to immediately ascend to condition level Red. This includes the 45th Naval Infantry Division, 10th Separate Airborne Battalion, 162nd Mechanized Infantry Division, the 9th Heavy Anti-Air Regiment and the Mito Fleet, excluding the 1st and 2nd ballistic missile submarine divisions. As such, the Military District Command should perform the following:

1. Immediately suspend all Officer, NCO and Enlisted leaves and immediately recall all such personnel if possible.

2. Double security at all strategic installations, such as long range radars part of the air-defense network and nuclear storage sites.

3. Begin placement of remote controlled naval mines in the port of Krasnogvardeysk as well as any other marinas and areas from which a naval invasion may occur.

4. Send out the 56th, 72nd and 81st attack submarine squadrons to perform patrols of the coast surrounding the island. Under no circumstances should these submarines infringe Roman territorial waters.

5. Double existing coastal patrols in number and assign a frigate to lead each patrol when not screening the main fleet.

6. Send out the 5th Anti-Submarine Helicopter Carrier group to perform ASW sweeps to the north and north-east of the island, again under no circumstances should these vessels infringe Roman waters.

7. Cancel all retrofits and repairs that can be cancelled without lowering the combat capability of the vessel, all other repairs and refits must be finished as soon as possible using resources from canceled refits.

Due to a difficult situation with the Romans, the Command should note the following.

1. No Slavacian unit is to violate maritime or land borders of Rome as well as its airspace.

2. No Slavacian unit is to fire at a ship, aircraft or land unit bearing the Insignia of Rome, the Roman Air force, the Roman Navy and any other Roman symbols, regardless of the circumstances, even in self-defense. If attacked, the units are ordered to withdraw, using any active and passive countermeasures at their disposal.

3. If Roman aircraft threaten/violate the airspace the following should be undertaken.

  1. If the aircraft is approaching the airspace, warnings must be broadcast on the international frequency until it either enters the airspace or turns away.
  2. If the aircraft enters the airspace the air-defense units must initiate several (at least 10) mock attacks using the radar. (Locking on to and unlocking the target).
  3. If the aircraft breaches the security perimeter, air-defense guns and missiles may be used to create barriers, blocking the path of the aircraft, but deliberate targeting is prohibited.
  4. If the aircraft overflies critical Slavacian objects a shoot down may only be authorized by the Slavacian Military Council.

In the case of a Maritime violation, Slavacian patrol craft are authorized to use ramming and dangerous maneuvering to force the Roman vessel out of the borders.