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Gleitzmann scandal

Robert Gleitzmann (1978)

The Gleitzmann scandal generally refers to the corruption cases discovered in August 1983 during the tenure of Robert Gleitzmann as Prime Minister of Besmenia from 1972 to 1980, as well as the illegal donation practices of the Besmenian People's Party during the 1970s. The scandal triggered national and international reactions. It was the hardest political scandal in Besmenia since the 1953 BNU scandal.

After the scandal was uncovered in August 1983, it was remained the dominant subject of political discussion and news coverage in Besmenia for several months. Due to the scandal, the BVP lost the trust of many voters, which could be clearly seen in the 1984 federal election.

Other Consequences

  • Resignation of Robert Gleitzmann as leader of the Besmenian People's Party
  • Resignations of BVP politicians who were members of the yellow-blue coalition in the federal government. The ministerial posts which were carried out by the BVP politicians were soon replaced by FBBP politicians
  • Early elections in January 1984 (originally in August 1984)

International reactions