Green Party (Azmara)

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PresidentLiis Jonsdohter
FoundedMarch 31, 1985 (1985-03-31)
IdeologyGreen politics
Euclean federalism
Political positionCentre-left
International affiliationGreen and Ecologist Movement
6 / 75
14 / 150
Province Presidents
0 / 8

The Green Party (Azmaran: Groonpartii) is an environmentalist political party in Azmara. It is currently the fifth-largest party in the Folksmot with 14 seats and serves as a junior partner in the Anasdohter ministry, with the party controlling three ministries.

The party was founded in 1985 by student activists emphasising environmentalism, social progressivism and anti-nationalism and would gain its first representation in the 1993 election as it would win three seats with 2% of the vote. The party would oppose the professional socialism of the incumbent Workers' Party government on the left and would form an electoral alliance with the Azmaran Section of the Workers' International and New Deal between 1995 and 2003 before the latter two parties merged into the Socialist Party. After the 2005 election the party would enter government for the first time with the Radicals and Sotirian Democrats.

While in opposition between 2008 and 2017 the party would grow under the leadership of Liis Jonsdohter and Aleksander Erykssun, both of whom would represent the more moderate and green liberal faction of the party. The party would enter government with the Workers' Party in 2017 and would see its best ever result in the 2020 election as it would win 9% of the vote highlighting opposition to the proposed Tuaisceart-Süd pipeline.

The party currently advocates a centre-left platform centred around the principles of environmentalism, social justice, participatory democracy and pacifism and is a noted supporter of Euclean integration, and it is supported disproportionately by well-educated voters, students, first-generation immigrants and LGBTQ voters.


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