Green Valley

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Green Valley is an island next to New Zealand. Green Valley is an absolute monocracy which means it is ruled by a queen and a king. The queen of Green Valley is Naomi Green and the king of Green Valley is Kyre Green. The average price for a house in Green Valley is around 600,000 dollars for a 3 story house including a swimming pool and big backyard. To get into Green Valley you must take a 10 hour plane ride from New Zealand to Green Valley. The population of Green Valley is about 100,000 people. There are a lot of attractions in Green Valley such as bungee jumping, ocean kayaking, and many more.

Star City is the largest city in Green Valley. The reason why it is named Star City is because at night there are a bunch of stars. The capital of Green Valley is Valley Town. Transportation is by a Greenmobile. A Greenmobile is a very fancy and nice car that goes 170 miles per hour it is super safe. You could also go by a regular car that is just as fancy. The currency of Green Valley is Green bills.

Green Valleys: Trade partners, Military Rivals, and Allies

Green Valley is Trade partners with Oliveu. Oliveu trades me crops and love potions for wine and jewelry. Green Valley is at war with United Peace Mania and Otanga. Our leaders do not get along and do not like our leadership skills. Green Valley is Allies with GreenStones. Our nations get along very well.

Nation of Green Valley

[[File:Coat of arms of Green Valley
Green Valley coat of arms
|85px|Coat of arms of Valley town]]
Coat of arms
"Be yourself"." Everyone else is already taken".  (English)
"“May peace be with you”. (English) a
[[File:Green Valley
Map of Green Valley
|frameless|alt=Location of Green Valley on the globe.|upright=1.15|Location of Valley town]]

|official_languages =

|demonym = Greenian |ethnic_groups =

|capital = Valley town |coordinates = Lua error: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found. |largest_city = Star City |government_type = absolute monocracy |leader_title1 = Queen

|leader_name1 = Naomi Green

Queen of Green Valley

|leader_title2 = King |leader_name2 = Kyre Green |legislature = National Assembly |area_rank = 54th |area_km2 = 475,442 |area_sq_mi = 183,568 |percent_water = 1.3 |population_estimate = 20,129,878 |population_estimate_rank = 58th |population_estimate_year = June 2013 |population_census = 17,463,836 |population_census_year = 2005 |population_density_km2 = 39.7 |population_density_sq_mi = 102,8 |population_density_rank = 167th |GDP_PPP = $56.251 billion |GDP_PPP_year = 2011 |GDP_PPP_per_capita = $4,257 |GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank = |GDP_nominal = $63.759 billion |GDP_nominal_year = 2011 |GDP_nominal_per_capita = $1,230 |sovereignty_type = Independence from New Zealand |established_event1 = Declared |established_date1 = 17 June 1963 |established_event2 = Annexation of former
Green Valley
|established_date2 = 1 October 1961 |HDI_year = 2011 |HDI_change = increase |HDI = 0.482 |HDI_ref = |HDI_rank = 150th |Gini_year = 2001 |Gini_change = |Gini = 44.6 |Gini_ref = |Gini_rank = |currency = Green Bills |currency_code = XAF |time_zone = WAT |utc_offset = +1 |time_zone_DST = not observed |utc_offset_DST = +1 |drives_on = right |calling_code = +237 |cctld = .cm |footnote_a = The National Anthem is of Green Valley is “ May peace be with you” and the Spanish version is “que la paz sea contigo“ }}