Hereward the Woke

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Hereward the Woke is the Lord President of Thamesholm.


Hereward the Woke
CPCM PHD Lord-President of the Council of State of Thamesholm and Wallborough
In office
2022 – he holds office for life
Preceded byLord-President Marcus Avery
Personal details
CitizenshipThamesholmian citizen
EducationDoctor of Philosophy in Media and Cultural Studies
Professionpolice officer
Known forpolitical leader, convicted murderer, former police officer
Military service
AllegianceThamesholm and Wallborough (2021-2022)
Branch/serviceSecurity Branch
CommandsA Division (Security Branch)
Battles/wars2021 Thamesholm&Wallborough Putsch

Thamesholmian Communist Revolution
AwardsCrown Prince’s Police Medal

Early life and education

Born as a result of cloning, Hereward went to university at the age of 12. He achieved a PHD in Media and Cultural Studies at the age of 18 in 2021.

His education before university is unknown to the public.

Law enforcement career

After gaining his PHD, Hereward was appointed to the Security Branch (secret police) of the Thamesholmian Constabulary as a Detective Chief Inspector by President Marcus Avery on the request of the National Union of Students. He was given the powers of a judge, prosecutor and intelligence officer as well as a police officer.

He was supposed to expose political dissent at the university where Vice-Chancellor Stefan Marsh had invited Muslim leader of the Deck Sailors Guild Sikandar Khan, to speak.

As he was also given the powers of a judge and prosecutor, he convicted Sikandar and sentenced him to death in a trial widely seen as unfair. After sentencing union leader Sikandar Khan to death, sentencing university vice-chancellor Stefan Marsh to life imprisonment (with hard labour) without parole, Hereward was promoted to Commander and given a license to kill. He also killed DCI George Moody and subsequently lead forces that put down the 2021 coup attempt, continuing in post despite the communist revolution that followed.


Following his own trial in 2022, on the basis of witness statements and court transcripts, he was convicted for the murder of Sikandar Khan contrary to the common law, the unlawful arrest and false imprisonment of Stefan Marsh contrary to the Constitution, the “religious persecutions” of Stefan Marsh (a Christian) and Sikandar Khan (a Muslim) contrary to the Constitution and Jury intimidation contrary to the Juries Act of 1974.

He was sentenced to 18 years to life, but escaped from custody.


After escaping he killed King Harold X at his coronation and forced the Archbishop of Wallborough to crown him King instead on the 2nd of March 2022.


Hereward the Woke is woke. He supports gender equality and Jewish rights.

He also supports capital punishment for murder, political offences and espionage.