History of Celeste

The first settlers of the world are identified as the Astute Men, who inhabited Celeste at least 7,000 years ago. They settled in what is now known as the Hullard Valley, situated between three rivers, but it commonly believed to be one river, the “yellow river” for its yellow color. There, they developed agriculture and writing, but due to egotism, the most influential of the Astute Men divided themselves into different parts of the land, taking their families with them. The divided lands owned by the men were called “quarters”, and depending on the weather, they could go from a peaceful agriculture-oriented community, to one that is forced to defend themselves from foreign invaders.

The biggest quarter was Tottenham, which had a population of roughly 2,000 people, occupied most of the valley, and was led by their king, Cata. Before his rule, Tottenham was a small fishing town intentionally located further out of the valley to avoid getting invaded. Nobody was particularly threatened by them, and nobody saw the necessity in taking over a river-side quarter, when the valley was surrounded by rivers. Tottenham developed fishing tools, which consisted of a long, sharpened wooden stick. Cata later decided he wanted to use this to Tottenham’s advantage, and began pitching the idea of taking over other quarters with the use of their tools as weapons instead of fishing. The idea fared well, and the rest is history. Tottenham had a thriving society — one that didn’t need to travel out of the valley to get resources. They began hating the quarters outside of theirs, and vice versa, but none of the other quarters dared challenge Tottenham, especially after they began creating a stone wall surrounding their territory.