History of Doge Land

NOTE: Years are followed by BCE or CE until 1500 CE.

Not much history is known of Doge Land, because of the Great Fire of 1674.[1]

Some items were able to be found, and others not. Now, here's what we know about Doge Land's history:

Ancient Doge Land

Before there was a "Doge Land," there were Doge Landian tribes, which consisted of humans and Shiba Inus (also called shibes and doges).

Not very much happened until around 1000 BCE when the Imperializers, just capturing the near-uninhabited Rumanian Peninsula, came for Doge Land. The war was absolutely pointless- not much happened until they realized if they wanted to strike fear into the small tribes of Doge Land they must do it themselves and started killing thousands of Doge Landians. Once they left, a rebellion was starting.[2]

Imperializer Era

Not very much happened during this era except preparations for the rebellion. The native tribes of Doge Land came together and formed the New Doge Order, which would then come to be named Doge Land. They founded Bepono as a base of operations[3] so the Imperializers wouldn't know, because they would think that the main rebellion would be coming from Doge Land City.

The Doge War

The Doge War was the biggest war Doge Land was ever involved in to-date.

In 27 BCE, hundreds of thousands of volunteer troops from around the world who were sick of the Imperializers' near world-domination marched into the new Imperializer base in Doge Land, Angery, and burned it to the ground.[4]

It was really just back-and-forth fighting after that until the last Imperializers in Doge Land attempted to burn down Doge Land City.

The Great Doge Battle

It's 19 BCE and there are about 15,000 New Doge Order troops left and somewhere around 350 Imperializer troops left, so the Imperializers decided to burn Doge Land City. They attempted, but it didn't work out very well. They burnt around 5 buildings before New Doge Order troops came rushing in and destroyed the fire and the Imperializers.[5]

End of the Imperializers

After this, the New Doge Order was renamed Doge Land and pushed the Imperialists back to their capital in modern-day Kaisar Federalist and destroyed them in 3 CE. Then, not much else happened.

Ferret Migration

About 100 years after the end of the Imperializers, in 114 CE, a group of sentient ferrets came into Doge Land and started making a small mini-country inside Doge Land. Nobody ever bothered to notice that they existed in the first place.[6]

Silent Era

The Silent Era of Doge Land which lasted from around 130 CE to 1100 CE marked the time when everyone thought Doge Land would collapse. The nation was going through major government reforms to go from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Total Democracy which caused a lot of gaps when the government couldn't do much and crime took over Doge Landian streets.[7] All information from this era was burnt in the Great Fire of 1674, and not much other information has been found.

Total Reform - End of Silent Era

When the Total Reform was finished in 1102 CE, crime rates started dropping and police were back out on the streets. The city was getting cleaner and there wasn't a whole bunch of bureaucratic red tape blocking people's requests. Happiness rose and it looked like things couldn't get better when they got worse. Because of all the new laws in place, people felt more restricted than ever before, which then caused happiness to drop a little bit.[8][9] But, like always, the government pushed it over because it was too small to be of their attention, or to even be relevant. There were only about 100 people in the entire nation who thought this so nobody really cared about a minority of people saying that their rights were restricted.

At least, for now.


Remember the ferrets? They're getting citizenship now. In 1163 CE, the Species of Citizenship Document was made, or the SOCD. It made it legal for ferrets to have citizenship in Doge Land, and so the population rose quickly in the 10 years after the SOCD was integrated as a law.[10][11]

Founding of the Doge Landian Regime

In 1203 CE, the Doge Landian Regime was founded. At first, no one knew them until they made a presence with their ad posters.[12] They have been responsible for many of the... horrible things that have happened in Doge Land.[13] From terrorist attacks to full on civil wars, you can expect the Doge Landian Regime to lead them. They're one of the most infamous groups in Doge Landian history, behind the Monarchists and the Imperializers.

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