Horatio Lynwood, Viscount Lynwood

His Lordship

Horatio Lynwood

Viscount Lynwood
Lord Lynwood.jpg
Birth nameHoratio de'Marston Lynwood
Born(1820-11-02)November 2, 1820
Frankenlisch, Kingdom of Frankenlisch
DiedMay 21, 1892(1892-05-21) (aged 71)
Lynwood Estate, Saxondale
Saxondale Cathedral
AllegianceFlag of Castile-La Mancha.svg Vionna-Frankenlisch
RankField Marshal
Battles/warsWar of the Vionnan Coalition

Jihad for Gestoria

Spouse(s)Arianne Adaglo
ChildrenHenry Lynwood

Horatio Lynwood was a Vionna-Frankenlischian general, noble and politician. He commanded the Imperial Army during the War of the Vionnan Coalition and was at the battles of Drayglossop, Widnisnor, Hampdon Street and Eglantine. He was made the Viscount Lynwood following his victory at Hampdon Street which was, until Dunport, the largest battle on Vionnan soil. He also commanded Imperial troops alongside Malducians under Prince Eugene of Passaro in the Battle of Bexketh in which he decisively defeated the Islamist army and essentially ended the Jihad for Gestoria.

He served two terms of office as Prime Minister for the Tory Party from 1861 to 65 and from 1867 to 1870. He proved to be a competent statesman with a surprisingly peaceful yet still expansionist foreign policy and prudent economic conservatism. Despite his aptitude for government, he was a poor campaigner and won his first election on personality and his military success rather than policy and his second election followed a recession blamed mainly of Lord Strevens' Whigs.