IIWiki:Article Review and Deletion Requests

If you are a user that has no further use for an article and would like to request its deletion, or are a user that has stumbled across a page that you believe does not meet the standards established on IIWiki and would like to submit an article for review, please notify a staff member. You can locate a staff member here; simply select an administrator and comment on their discussion page.

Please do not forget to sign your comment, or your requests will be ignored. Also, please be sure before submitting an article that is not your own that the page you are submitting meets the one or more of the following characteristics. If it does not, please submit the articles name and list the reasons as to why you feel it needs to be reviewed.

Criteria for the Review of Sub-Standard Articles

  • The page uses templates, infoboxes, or navboxes not standard with IIWiki or are generally cluttered or of depreciated standards or readability.
  • The page is grossly incomplete and not labelled as a "Work in Progress" or "Under Construction".
  • The page uses grossly sub-standard syntax.
  • The page has meta-material or otherwise references "NationStates" or the associated.
  • The page does not maintain a Neutral Point-of-View equitable to Wikipedia's.
  • The page begins with "The", "A", or "An" and is not a title of a book, film, or piece of In-Character media.
  • The page is a sandbox.
  • The page itself or its discussion page has been labelled "Delete", "Please Delete", or some permutation of the aforementioned.
  • The page is not categorized or lacks sufficient categorization.
  • The page does not link to other IIWiki pages - an "orphan page".
  • The page links only to off-site material, but is otherwise empty and devoid of content.
  • The page contains pornographic or obscene content.
  • The page contains or consists purely of spam.
  • The page is very long and may be better suited to being split into several smaller articles to increase readability.