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The Marauder Age was a period during the Middle Ages when Ghailles known as Marauders carried out wide-spread raiding and conquest throughout Euclea in Kylaris. It followed an expansion of the Ghaillish population which required additional resources. In the Caldish Isles, these resources were at times limited. The Ghailles of this period are often referred to as Marauders as well as Lochlananch, though the latter is only commonly used in Caldia. Ghaillish pirates conducted raids throughout Euclea, with Caldish galleys being recorded of having reached as far west as Soravia and as far south as Tsabara. Raids were most common in the North Sea region of Euclea. Ghaillish settlement primarily occurred in Borland, Estmere, Geatland, Soravia, Solstiana, and Werania. The longest-lasting Marauder kingdoms were Connland in eastern Solstiana and Nevsland on the northern coast of Geatland. The expansion of Ghaillish peoples followed Caldish unification in 720. Some Caldish historians argue that the actual First North Sea Empire was established by the Ghailles during the Marauder Age. This is disputed by other historians, however, on the grounds that the Ghaillish pirates were not consistently actors of the Ghaillish crown and their raids and conquests were not consistently an extension of the monarch’s de jure or de facto authority. Most information about the Marauders is drawn from primary sources written by Eucleans who interacted with the Ghailles during this period. Archaeology and some secondary sources, including Ghaillish folklore, also contributes to the understanding of the Marauder Age. (See more...)

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