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The History of Doge Land was largely unknown, because of the Great Fire of 1674. Here's what we know about Doge Land's History. Before there was a "Doge Land," there were Doge Landian tribes, which consisted of humans and Shiba Inus (also called shibes and doges). Around 1000 BCE the Imperializers came to Doge Land, and they began killing thousands of Doge Landians. In 27 BCE, a rebellion started. The native tribes of Doge Land came together and formed the New Doge Order, which would then come to be named Doge Land. The Doge War witnessed hundreds of thousands of volunteer troops from around the world defeat the Imperializers. In 114 CE, a group of sentient ferrets came into Doge Land and started making a small mini-country inside Doge Land. Nobody ever bothered to notice that they existed in the first place. The Silent Era of Doge Land lasted from 130 CE to 1100 CE, and during this era the Great Fire of 1674 took place. In 1102 CE the great reform took place, and crime rates started dropping. Remember the ferrets? In 1163 CE, the Species of Citizenship Document was made, or the SOCD. It made it legal for ferrets to have citizenship in Doge Land, and so the population rose quickly in the 10 years after the SOCD was integrated as a law. In 1203 CE, the Doge Landian Regime was founded. (See more...)

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