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Karuke Cheri Lan" (Estmerish: "Carucere Beloved Land"), also known by its incipit, "Karuke priti patri" (Estmerish: "Carucere beautiful homeland"), is the national anthem of Carucere. The music was composed by Henri Weber in 1946, inspired by popular folk tunes commonly sung in Crique for decades and adapted it to be sung with an old poem written by Garcin Jones. The song quickly gained popularity across Carucere and was used as a nationalist alternative to In Plenty and In Time of Need, the anthem of the United Provinces. Initially sung in Gaullican, its original lyrics were eventually superseded by various lyrics in Papotement, including the official version made in 1953. After Carucere's independence in 1954, the country lacked an official anthem until the song's adoption as the Carucerean national anthem on 18 March 1973. Today, the original Gaullican version has been almost totally eclipsed, and many are unaware that the Papotement lyrics are a translation. The anthem is recommended, but not required, to be taught as part of the civics syllabus in national schools. The song is widely played in Carucere outside of official functions and sporting events. The most common example is a music session at a bar or other establishment to end at closing time with the playing of the national anthem. (See more...)

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