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The Paol'lunyu Dynasty was the first dynasty in traditional Mutulese history. It is described in ancient historical chronicles recorded on stelae and murals found throughout its old territories, especially in the cities of Kaminyajunlyu, its capital, and Sakal Witz. Another famous source is the Annals of the White Mountain, a collection of codices written by the priesthood of Sakal Witz during the Chaan Dynasty, which is preserved to this day. According to tradition, the Paol’lunyu dynasty was established by the god Chaak who incarnated himself on earth to lead mankind. According to the traditional chronology, the Papol’lunyu ruled between 1105 (LC : ) and 370 BC (LC : on “ 4 Wayeb 9 Imix,” an “Unlucky day of the Crocodile” in popular Mutulese divination. The Papol’lunyu was later succeeded by the Chaan Dynasty. (See more...)

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