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The Prime Minister of Themiclesia (震旦相, tjerh-tanh-smjangh) of Themiclesia is the head of the Themiclesian government. Historically, the head of government was the most powerful individual or individuals holding authority in the name of the monarch and over all his possessions. Several offices have been in this position, but the current is the President of Correspondence (尚書令, ′djang′-st′ja-ringh). The incumbent is Lja Le, who assumed office in 2016 after the retirement of St′ang Krugh. The Themiclesian prime minister continues to hold office until he or she resigns, is dismissed, impeached, or dies. In modern practice, prime ministers are rarely dismissed, and impeachment, which deprives a person of the right to hold office for life and potentially carries amercement of arbitrary magnitude, are considered drastic even in the most extreme situations of misbehavior. (See more...)

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