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Passenger rail transport in Menghe is the largest and busiest passenger rail transportation network in Septentrion, measured in terms of ridership and distance of track. The national rail monopoly, Menghe Railways, recorded 1.5 billion passenger trips in 2019, an average of 2.9 per Menghean citizen. This does not count trips on municipal rapid transit systems; Donggyŏng alone exceeded 3 billion metro passenger trips in the same year. Menghe also has the longest high-speed rail network in Septentrion, with over 21,000 kilometers of track operating at the end of 2020. Rail directions in Menghe designate routes as either "up" (상행 / 上行, sanghaeng) or "down" (하행 / 下行, hahaeng), depending on the approximate direction of travel. These do not directly correspond to altitudes or compass directions. Rather, "up" describes routes moving toward Baekjin at Menghe's northeast corner, and "down" describes routes moving toward Samtay at Menghe's southwest corner. This practice originated when Federal Railways finished re-gauging the line from Baekiin to Sunju, which ran diagonally across the country. (See more...)

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