Idara Madaki

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Idara Madaki
Idara Balogun

(1999-06-06) June 6, 1999 (age 23)
Sans' Madaki, Tsayigarin, Tsarkariya
EducationSecondary school
EmployerLaimarukuni Madaki
Height174 cm (5 ft 9 in)
TitleCorporate Executor of LrM
Board member ofLaimarukuni Madaki, Tsarkari State
RelativesMairi Falana (niece)
FamilyNalado Balogun (brother), Oba Balogun (sister), Tijani Balogun

Personal Life

Early Life

Idara Balogun was named after Idara Madaki, one of the three founding members of the Madaki trading company which was later to become Laimarukuni Madaki. She was born in Tsayigarin at the Madaki estate and was given her mother's surname according to Tsarkari tradition. She was raised with the expectation that she would inherit a large number of shares in Laimarukuni Madaki from both of her parents, leading to her inevitable position on LrM's directing board.

Whyzah Massacre

Between the hours of 3 A.M. and 5 A.M. on December 21, 2013 during the waning hours of the Whyzah Festival in Tsayigarin, a large and concerted strike against the LrM corporate leadership succeeded in removing dozens of Madaki officials and close associates, including the majority of the actual Madaki family. Only three Class A shareholders survived the attacked: Idara, her brother Nalado Balogun, and their mother Ekalia Balogun

Nalado was in a coma from a gunshot wound to the head during the attack on Sans' Madaki, so while his shares did not revert to his kin, control of them were placed in the hands of Ekalia until he awoke or died. Ekalia, however, was unable to maintain a stable psychological state and was declared unfit following a suicide attempt. As the sole surviving and capable Class A shareholder, Idara took control of the shares that would have gone to her siblings from their parents, as well as those that her deceased siblings already maintained. Additionally, she became the caretaker of Nalado's daughter Mairi Falana and controlled Mairi's shares. This gave her the majority of voting rights in LrM personally, something which had never happened in the history of the LrM or any of the Tsarkari paramount corporations.

She signed the documents to take control of the corporation on December 24th and became the youngest power player in Tsarkari politics, as well as the single most wealthy person in the state. She also adopted the name Madaki upon reaching majority to cement the idea of her rightful ownership in the public perception.


Idara attended an elite Vokom school until the age of fourteen. After the Whyzah Massacre, she dropped out of the school and obtained for herself a pardon from the legal mandates for both the completion of secondary school, and the requirement that every citizen attend either university or enter military service.


Idara is the third daughter and youngest child of the late Uduma Madaki and Ekalia Balogun. She had two brothers and two sisters, three of which were killed during the Christmas Massacre. Her surviving brother is Nalado Balogun, an inactive lieutenant colonel in the Tsaronjih, Tsarkariya's state gendarmerie.

Idara's niece Mairi, the daughter of Nalado, is known to be very close to Idara, and is currently the designated heir for Idara's controlling shares of the Madaki corporation. It is expected that Mairi will take the Madaki name as Idara did if Idara does not have children before Mairi reaches adulthood.


During the confusion following the Whyzah Massacre, and the slow movement of Tsarkari state bureaucracy, Idara's control of Laimarukuni Madaki did not pass to a legally capable adult, so despite being on fourteen (six months away from the age of majority) Idara was able to exercise a large amount of unchecked authority over the paramount corporation and its powers within the state. This allowed her to pack the governing board with loyalists and marry an adult (albeit one with limited legal standing in Tsarkariya) to fully establish her sole administration of the corporation.

All of her actions during the first six months of her tenure are considered unauthorized and potentially even illegal, though no attempts to prosecute were made at the time as few outside of the corporation knew what was happening at the board level. Several attempts to usurp the position of corporate executor were made in the first year, though all failed; two of the failures resulted in the disappearance of the would-be usurpers under uncertain circumstances, leading to rumors regarding their murder or unlawful exile from the nation by Idara and her supporters.

Getting married to an adult in order to have herself pardoned from the education and military requirements of Tsarkari citizenship has resulted in continual criticism from sources both outside and within the Madaki family and LrM itself. There was nothing strictly illegal about the move but it is seen by many as an abuse of the system and a strike against one of the most important traditions in Tsarkari society, as well as a further abuse of her husband who was still a minor in his home country despite being old enough to be considered an adult in Tsarkariya. More academic criticism has also attacked her ability to be a corporate executor without having completed her formal education, though the continued success of LrM has kept that criticism from overwhelming the public discourse.

To date, seventeen attempts to reject her legitimacy as the corporate executor of LrM have been put forth to the State Board, but only one has gained enough support to reach a vote. Despite that support, however, it failed to garner enough votes to pass.

In November 2016, it was reported that her husband died in a glider accident in Tekugada Arewa. Soon after, rumors about his death being murder surfaced and there was found evidence of tampering with the glider, which had mostly survived impact with the cliffside. Opposition parties to Idara accused her of having him killed once he had served his practical purpose of providing an of-age shareholder while she was still herself a minor. Authorities questioned Idara and her associates but ultimately could not discover anything tangible implicating anyone in wrongdoing. Pundits questioned why Idara would resort to murder to remove the man from his position when he was a foreigner who she could have had exiled from the country easily and without any legal recourse on his part, as well as why his murder would have come so late given that he would have outlived his usefulness following Idara's fifteenth birthday five months after their marriage. No legal action against Idara or Laimarukuni Madaki was pursued, especially after his family requested that the investigation cease out of respect for their beloved son.

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