Imedian Whiteberry

The Imedian Whiteberry (თეთრიკოკი, Tetrikoki) is a perennial flowering plant that produces a variety of white-colored berries. The Whiteberry is referred to as a Tetrikoki as a section which is classified into the genus Tetri Q'vavili. Commercially available Whiteberries are native to the Akanovan Federal Territories. Originating as a berry found in Serenope, the Imedian Whiteberry was introduced successfully on the planet of Lesath, and is being introduced to Calagains.

The Imedian Whiteberry is cultivated for its sweet taste, but is also characterized for its appealing scent when the berry is crushed. The Whiteberry grows mainly in moderate, hilly/mountainous areas. As a prostrate shrub, the Whiteberry shrub grows 7 Kertans tall. Typically there are three sizes of berries produced by the flower from smallest to largest: the Highlander Snowberry, the Serenopian Whiteberry and Cloudberry.

The Imedian Whiteberry is also the source of Cloud Spice, known as Ghrubeli Sanelebeli (ღრუბელი სანელებელი), when the pit of a berry is grinded. The Cloudberry's pit when grinded produces a brown powder. Cloud Spice