International Association of Transportation Agencies

International Association of Transportation Agencies
HeadquartersCartwright, Layfet
TypeIntergovernmental organization
• Chairman
Pedro Leon, Layfet
• Vice Chairman
• Chief Coordinator
• Chief Financier
• IATA Charter
12 June 1978

The International Association of Transportation Agencies (IATA) is a inter-governmental coordinating and regulating body which publishes specifications, tests protocols, establishes guidelines, drafts projects, collects funding, and establishes transportation systems that are used in highway, road, rail, air and public transportation design, construction, regulation, and management throughout the world. Since March of 2020, non-governmental, privately held transportation groups including corporations were allowed to join IATA.

Although IATA sets transportation standards and policies and is the de facto international transportation agency for Anteria as a whole, IATA is not an officially international sanctioned agency; rather it is an organization of the various transportation regulating agencies themselves. Policies of IATA are not binding policies, but rather are ways to coordinate laws and policies in the field of transportation across the world.


Agency Abbreviation Headquarters Service Area Nation
Layfetian Department of Transportation LDOT Tonnes Layfet  Layfet
Twin Cities Regional Department of Transportation TCDOT Tonnes Federal District of Layfet  Layfet
Twin Cities Metropolitan Transportation Authority TCMTA Alexandria Twin Cities Metropolitan Area  Layfet
District of Kohharu Transportation Authority DOKTA Kohharu The District of Kohharu  Kohharu (Autonomous District of  Layfet)
State of Mirvain Department of Transportation MDOT Tranquility City State of Mirvain  Layfet
State of Epinay Department of Transportation EDOT Epinay State of Epinay  Layfet
State of Higham Department of Transportation HDOT Layfet City State of Higham  Layfet
State of Rahles Department of Transportation RDOT Rahles State of Rahles  Layfet
State of Albin Department of Transportation ADOT Alexandria State of Albin  Layfet
State of Thentar Department of Transportation TDOT Windsor State of Thentar  Layfet
State of Leonom Department of Transportation LDOT Costa Este State of Leonom  Layfet
Federal Districts Transportation Service Authority FDTSA Ardgan  Foxomexra
Agency of Transportation, Drulin Province ATDP Renol  Foxomexra
Clothaire Department of Transportation CDT Luind  Foxomexra
Executive Department of Transportation & Motorways EDTM Wicht  Bakyern
Federal Advisory of Transportation FAT Wicht  Bakyern
SONA Transport Lines SOTL Pahrstadt  Bakyern
Federal Motorway Transport & Safety Authority FMTSA Wicht  Bakyern
Apex Department of Transportation ADOT Nexalan  Nexalan
Haæstre Metropolitan City Transport HMCT Haæstre Haæstre Metropolitan Area  New Sebronia
Deimeka Traffic DT Deimeka Deimeka Metropolitan Area  New Sebronia
Tranportation Agency Den Edeldec TADE Den Edeldec Den Edeldec Metropolitan Area  New Sebronia
Federal Superhighway Authority FSA Haæstre New Sebronia  New Sebronia
Minnlande State Agency for Transportation MSAT Navæ Bariken Federal State of Minnlande  New Sebronia
Kaiserlaske Metro Traffic Agency KMTA Jintagi Many administrative districts around/near the Kaiserlaske (Lake)  New Sebronia
Kentasi District Public Transport Agency KDPTA The provinces of Kentasi and Duravic  Kentalis
Aresov Interprovincian Transport Agency AITA The provinces of Aresov, Moravek and Tovalis  Kentalis