Inventivenes, officially the Futuristic Utopia of Inventivenes, is a Commonwealth originally founded in the region of Marist Federated States, but after a renew of the government, moved to the Region of Kingdom of Scotland, but after the Zombie Crisis, moved to the region of Equilism, where it now resides. It is currently a Capitalist Paradise but has previously been a New York Times Democracy and primarily an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy. The nation currently has a population of 3.8 billion people, though it is constantly rising. Government spending is primarily on Education, Environment and Industry. The national currency is the entirely digital Bitcoin, and composed roughly 20% by Government spending, with most of the rest being private industry and a tiny fraction being the Black Market. The average income is over 140,000 bitcoins, with the economy being lead by Information Technology and major contributions from Tourism, Retail and Cheese Exports. The national animal is the Kangaroo, which is found in large numbers in the large expanses of national parks and wilderness areas. The average lifespan is over 90 years with the leading causes of death being Old Age, becoming Lost in the Wilderness and distantly followed by Kangaroo attack and exposure.

National Flag

The national flag of Inventivenes

Inventivenes's national flag is composed of five stars, one enlarged and positioned in the centre, with the remaining four being symmetrically placed around the centre. Each star represents a core value of Inventivenes, with the central star being known as the star of prosperity, or more informally the Star of Inventivenes. The star on the top-left is known as the star of the peace, with the bottom-left star being the star of the Environment, the top-right star being the star of Science (and also more broadly, technology) and the bottom-right star being the star of Security and Safety. The background colour of blue has multiple meanings. Firstly, it is representative of the large oceans surrounding the nation. Secondly, it represents the great expanse of sky that is frequently visited by aircraft and spacecraft from Inventivenes. Thirdly, and primarily, it is symbolic of; trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth, all relevant to the overall values of Inventivenes.

National Anthem

We strive to succeed is both the national motto and the title of the National Anthem. Showing how the population always aims high, never leaving a job unturned and keeping trust in themselves. The previous anthem, before the establishment of the nation, was 'Rule Inventivenes'
We strive to succeed, We strive to succeed,
In every way that we can, we strive to succeed.
We strive to succeed, We strive to succeed,
It's our home, we call is best, we strive to succeed.

(Verse One)
When one must take up a struggle
They give it all their best
To work hard for a better future
And stop at nothing but the best


(Verse Two)
In Peace is our future, In our Environment our pleasure,
In Safety our longevity, and in Science our livelihood.
For these are what makes Inventivenes great,
And what shall be shown well,
For those who seek harm against us,
We'll stop at nothing else.


National Animal

Due to the large amount of biodiversity and natural habitats found throughout the country, the question of what the national animal should be was highly debated.