James IV

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James IV
King of Bretislavia
The King in February, 2020 outside of the parliamentary building
ReignOctober 3rd, 1959 - Present
CoronationOctober 18th, 1959
PredecessorAlbert III (Bretislavia)
BornJames Augustus-Bergsma
(1938-02-21)21 February 1938
Augustus Palace
SpouseQueen Mary-Anne
Full name
James Albert Augustus-Bergsma
HouseHouse of Augustus-Bergsma
FatherAlbert III
MotherQueen Caroline

James IV (James Edward Augustus-Bergsma, February 21, 1938-) is King of Bretislavia. He was born in Dutchberg to then King Albert III and his wife Queen Caroline. He has two children and was married to Queen Mary-Anne. He is the longest-reigning monarch of Bretislavia, having ruled for 63 years.


Early Years

James was born February 21st, 1938 in Augustus Palace. His childhood was standard to his fathers and most monarchs childhoods. Horse riding, school, and playing with his friends during vacations. As per his family's history he attended the Royal Military Academy at the age of 10 in 1948, 4 days after his birthday. During his time at the academy James pioneered the idea of independent air forces and the importance of joint operation in Bretislavia. In 1953 James became obtained his pilots license and entered the air academy branch of Royal Military College, becoming the first of Bretislavian royalty to do so.

Military Career

When James graduated the academy in 1958 he took a position as 2nd Lieutenant in the Bretislavian Army Air Force, leading reforms and advancing the air forces capability, while still advocating for separate and independent Royal Bretislavian Air force. On September 9th, 1958 2 weeks after attaining the rank of 1st Lieutenant, James conducted a test flight of the Harriman Ha 246 fighter jet plane to attest the necessity for jet planes to begin replacing propeller fighter craft in in the in the B.A.A.F. this venture proved successful, and the Al 246 was adopted by the B.A.A.F. the following month.

In 1959 on January 7th, the Royal Bretislavian Air Force was founded as a separate and independent branch in the Bretislavian Armed Forces, James was transferred over to the R.B.A.F. and promoted to Captain. James would be the pioneer for new aircraft and a key figure in the Air Force, even at his relatively low rank during the next two years. In June of 1959 he was promoted to Major and received the Silver Cross, 2nd class for his actions in the air force as a pilot, pioneer, and leader. Despite not being the founder of the air force he is remarked as the "Father of the modern air force" in Bretislavia by certain military historians. By October 1st he had attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. This would be the last rank he would attain in the R.B.A.F. before his fathers death and his coronation as king, where upon he gains the rank of General by default.


On October 3rd, 1959, James' father Edward III died in Augustus Palace due to complications with old age.