K'vari Severibi

K'vari Severibi are official Acanovans of any rank that are ordained and confirmed within the Second Order of K'vari and have at least attained the rank of Sheguardi. Severibi are bound to Imedio's Honour, and follow the latest interpretation of Imedio's Honour. Severibi are required to follow the K'vari Sabaphos without question and follow Imedio's Honour statements on sayings. There are only male Severibi in ranks equal to or higher than K'vari Warrior, due to the Imedio's Honour ban on females within the Second Order.

The original K'vari Severibi was bound to the tenants of Maradisoba as it was a religious order. However it's tenants remain what has been found of the Maradisoban Tablets made by the originator Akannus. Imedio's Honour takes from some of these learning from the First Order of K'vari's tenant however requires the K'vari to be secular in fear of a Second War of the Timeless.