Socialist Republic of Kiez

Sozialistische Republik Kiez
Kiez Flag(2).jpg
Seal of the Socialist Republic of Kiez
Motto: Freiheit durch Solidarität
Largest cityPort Zeitlöw
Official languagesGerman
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
Low German
GovernmentFederal Maxist Socialist Republic
• Premier
Johann Richtofen
• Chancellor
Ludvig Maxis
• Speaker of The Assembly
Position Vacant
September 2nd, 1947
• 2018 estimate
82.67 million
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Total
3,467 Trillion
CurrencyKiez Mark (KM)
Time zoneImperial Time
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+781

The Socialist Republic of Kiez (Sozialistische Republik Kiez), commonly referred to as just Kiez, is a Country located in the Eastern Ventismar region of Sunalaya. It is a medium-sized country with a population of roughly 82.67 Million, all of which inhabit the six provinces within the country. In addition to this, Kiez has laid claim to what is known as Fishtail Island, an island renowned for its variety of rare fauna and flora, leading to the island being declared as a wildlife reserve. Kiez is bordered to the west by the Empire of Rezua and to the east by the Federation of Ophioneus.

The early history of Kiez was one of struggle and bloodshed with many rallying behind the revolutionary ideas of one of the nation's key founders Ludvig Maxis as he sought to enact change in the preexisting political and economic instability as well as the social divides that existed within the Empire of Kiez during the early to mid 20th Century. It would be these contributing factors that would ultimately lead to the events of Red September as well as the Execution of The Stahlshausen Family.

Kiez is a socialist state, maintaining a mixed market economy in which there exists a high level of economic freedom, but also enables the government to interfere in economic activities under the direst of circumstances. To date, there have only been a handful of times when the government intervened in some economic activities, those times being the Summer War as well as the Attempted Putsch of 2017.

Following the reformation of the United Soviet Jason Republic into the Federation of Ophioneus on July 31st of 2019, Kiez has transitioned from being a relatively neutral power to a nation more actively invested in international affairs, most recently having aligned itself with the Eikangaard United Socialist Republic during the Eikangaard Crisis and attempting to secure the foundation of its own organization to counter the growing influence of the Ventismar Union.

Formerly a longtime member of the United Sunalayan Assembly, the Socialist Republic of Kiez has since suspended its membership with the international organization since June 8th, 2019 citing a violation of its national sovereignty under the passage of General Assembly Resolution 154. This, in combination with the ongoing Eikangaard Crisis has resulted in conflict between Kiez and the majority of the Ventismar Union.