Kingdom of Espin

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Kingdom of Espin

c. 250–1844
Coat of arms of Espin
Coat of arms
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Established
c. 250
• Treaty of Taralanos
Today part of Maltropia

The Kingdom of Espin (Espian: Es'pinna, meaning "south kingdom"; Irish: Ríocht Eispine) refers to any of a number of kingdoms which existed in what is now southeastern Maltropia, with their capital at the city of Esrium. The earliest of these dates to the third century AD, with the most recent existing between 1612 and 1844. Various incarnations of the Espian kingdom existed more or less continuously between these two periods, controlling a territory which at its height extended along both shores of Winter Bay, into both modern Argalium and Northern Bigfootia. The Treaty of Taralanos, in 1844, led to the Espian monarchy surrendering its royal crown to the King of Maltropia, Diarmuid II, upon which Espin became the modern principality of the same name within the Maltropian kingdom.

Espin's name derives from the Espian term es'pinna, meaning "south kingdom," referring to its position relative to the chieftaincies of the Argalic princes further north and to the Uí Midire to the west, although there was never another kingdom northwest of Espin until Maltropia's territory gradually encroached.