Kingdom of Great Britain

The Kingdom of Great Britain (formerly the greater part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a nation located in North-Western Europe composed of Scotland and Wales as well as Southern England and some of central England. It is run by the Right Honourable Angela Rayner, MP and the Labour Party (Kingdom of Great Britain) in coalition with the Scottish National Party and the Green Party (the Socialist Workers' Party left the Progressive Alliance in 2047 considering it "right-wing" and "crypto-imperialist" as well as overly sympathetic to monarchies).


It is mostly located in the British Isles. It shares the English channel with France and a land border with Nationalist Northumbria. Ireland is the second closest country to the Kingdom (after France)


British politics has been dominated by the Labour Party since 2025. Due to the 2028 introduction of proportional representation it ended up sharing power with the Green Party and the SNP. The main opposition is the Liberal-Conservative Party.


The British Armed Forces are (in order of age): The Royal Navy ,The British Army,The Royal Air Force and the Scottish Border Militia. Military spending is 5% of annual government spending. MI5 and MI6 are not considered part of the military but part of the Home Office and Ministry of Defence respectively.


The economy is dominated by the tech industry and renewable energy with significant contributions from tourism, higher education, the steel industry, construction, book publishing and the service industry.


The Kingdom of Great Britain is described as an "Abrahamic state" as a result of a law passed by King Yob III. The rationale for keeping this law is due to the Church of England shrinking in membership though it was originally passed so King Yob III could have multiple wives. The largest religions are Islam and Christianity though Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese folk religion are also common. Judaism is statistically significant but relatively small due to the lack of converts. The largest Christian denomination is the Romanian Patriarchate.

international relations

the Kingdom of Great Britain has many allies among these are Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Finland, Kasantia and the British Commonwealth states (especially Pakistan), It is currently allied to Nationalist Northumbria though this alliance is under pressure to Britain requesting the extradition of some suspects living there.