Kirenian People's Party

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Kirenian People's Party

Kiiremaa Rahvapartei
LeaderAhto Malk
FoundedOctober 15, 1971 (1971-10-15)
Preceded bySocial Democratic Workers Party
HeadquartersRahu, Martiland
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCenter-left
European affiliationSocialist Alternative for Euclea
International affiliationProgressive International
Euclean parliamentary groupSocialist Alternative for Euclea
Colors     Purple
Martish Parliament
52 / 150

The Kirenian People's Party (Kirenian: Kiiremaa Rahvapartei; KRP) is a Martish social democratic political party within Alsland. The party is a successor to the Social Democratic Workers Party which split over linguistic differences in 1971. The KRP currently provides confidence and supply to the current Liveable Delland-led coalition government.

The party was founded following the collapse of the Alslandic Socialist Democratic Workers' Party, which split over linguistic differences in a similar manner to the Sotirian Social People's Party and Free-thinking People's Party in 1964 and 1968 respectively. The KRP was founded in the Fall of 1971 by members of the Martish regional division of the Socialist Democratic Workers' Party originally as the Martish People's Party. In May, 1972, the name of the party was altered to the current name to better reflect the linguistic identity of its constituents rather than ethnic divides.

Since the founding of the party, the KRP has been the largest party in the Martish Community, and every Minister-President of the Martish Community has come from the KRP. Due to the dominance of the KRP at the Community-level, it has often been described as the natural governing party of Martiland. The party currently holds 52 seats within the Martish Parliament and X number in the Folkssenaat.



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