Labour Party (Gassasinia)

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Trade Unionist and Labour Party
LeaderNadim Saqqaf
Founded2nd of March, 1949
Headquarters11 Shadad Street, Jabiyah
Women's wingFeminist Worker's Union
Ideology  • Social Democracy
 • Trade Unionism
 • Democratic Socialism
 • Co-operatism
 • Social Conservatism
 • Social Liberalism
 • Market Socialism
Colours     Red
AnthemWorker's Marseillaise
Political positionCentre-Left to Left-Wing
House of Representatives
55 / 150

The Trade Unionist and Labour Party, commonly known as the Labour Party is a centre-left to left-wing party, consisting of a broad alliance of leftist ideologies ranging from moderate social democrats to anti-capitalist democratic socialists.

The Labour Party is one of the oldest parties in Gassasinia, being formed a day after Gassasinia's independence was declared to represent the interests of the working-class rather than that of the Gassasinian elite who dominated politics between the 1950's and 1960's.


Founding (1951)

First General Election and Civil Unrest (1953-1975)

Modern day (1975 Onwards)

Voter Base

Election History