Laurence Clarkson

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Laurence Clarkson
1st Premiere of Gladysynthia
In office
Succeeded byAnthony Marsden
Personal details
DiedJune 21, 1982
Ponamu, Pteranim
Cause of deathNatural Causes
Military service
Years of service1926-1941

Laurence Patrick Clarkson was the first Premiere of the United Provinces of Gladysynthia. He served one term from 1941 until 1948 after being elected from the province of Pteranim. Prior to serving as Premiere, he served as a General in the United Gladysynthian Army and 15 total years of military service. As Premiere, Clarkson focused on bringing the provinces closer together and giving citizens high influence in the federal government. His leadership during the seven day 1945 Danaska Conflict drew criticism due to the poor management of the military, though he did succeed in bringing the nation closer towards a unified patriotism.

Clarkson passed away on June 21, 1982 in his hometown of Ponamu, Pteranim. As soon as the news began to spread, the federal government immediately ordered all national and provincial flags to be flown at half-staff for a month until July 31. Following his death, Clarkson's family and the federal government hosted his funeral under the Capitol Rotunda in Mönusÿnthys. He was buried in the Willow Garden Cemetery in Ponamu on June 28, 1982.