League of Equalists and Democrats (Amathia)

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League of Equalists and Democrats

Ⰾⰹⰳⰰ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱎⱅⰹⰾⱁⱃ ⱎⰹ Ⰴⰵⰿⱁⰽⱃⰰⱌⰹⰾⱁⱃ
Liga Egaliștilor și Democraților
PresidentAugustin Valeria
FoundedOctober 20, 1983 (1983-10-20)
Preceded byLeague of Equalist Unity
Merged intoParty of the Democratic Equalism in Amathia
Pole of Social Democracy
NewspaperThe Rose of Truth
IdeologySocial Democracy
Democratic Equalism
Political positionCenter-left
Colors         Dark Pink and White
SloganⰖⱀⰹⱌⱆⰹⱑⱆⰵ ⱄⱆⱆⰿ.
Unicuique suum.

To each, his own.

The League of Equalists and Democrats (Amathian: Ⰾⰹⰳⰰ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱎⱅⰹⰾⱁⱃ ⱎⰹ Ⰴⰵⰿⱁⰽⱃⰰⱌⰹⰾⱁⱃⰹ, tr. Liga Egaliștilor și Democraților), abbreviated as the L.E.D. (Ⰾ.Ⰵ.Ⰴ.) is an Amathian political party, founded as an alliance of moderate Equalists and Social Democrats. It was formed by the progressive left wing of the League of Equalist Unity which had turned against its party before the Amathian Revolution had even begun, with some of its original leaders being the authors of the Letter of the Ten, the political document which is considered by many to have been the spark that started the revolution.

This progressive, moderate Equalist wing supported the Front for Democratic Reform and then tried to form its own party in the Party of the Democratic Equalism in Amathia, but the first parliamentary elections of the nation were disastrous for the Amathian left wing. In order to counter the increasingly powerful center-right parties, the Democratic Equalists negotiated an alliance with the Amathian Social Democrats for the presidential elections, quickly becoming the rallying point of the center-left and the second largest party in the country. Their victory in the presidential elections led to a formal union and to the creation of the League of Equalists and Democrats in 1983.