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Lesbex Inc.
FoundedMarch 8, 2000
FounderStella Blayfew
Key people
Stella Blayfew (founder)
Kirtney Kristen (CEO)
ProductsLatex clothing
sex toys
cosmetic and care products
OwnerKirtney Kristen (37%)

Lesbex is a Lesbian-based company dealing in the production and usage of latex clothing.

Lesbex is the largest producer of latex clothing in the world, supplying 82% of global latex clothing and 98% of Lesbian latex clothing usage, as well 8% of all Lesbian clothing usage. Lesbex is also the only supplier of latex clothing to LesbianClub and supplies 72% of latex to all global sex-industries, including 91% of latex clothing to Lesbian sex-industries. Lesbex is expected to completely monopolize the Lesbian market, supplying 100% of all latex clothing in the country by mid 2021 and 19% of all clothing, with a global monopoly of over 90% of all latex clothing by 2025, and possibly 100% of the global market by 2040-2050 according to several analysts.


Lesbex was founded March 8, 2000 by Stella Blayfew in Pinkrun, Liberated Lesbians. The company was formed after the largest clothing manufacturer in Liberated Lesbians, Seerton, went bankrupt in 1998.

Lesbex grew rapidly, from a local latex clothing shop in downtown Pinkrun to the predominant supplier of latex clothing in the Norra Laglandet Commonwealth by 2002. In 2009 Lesbex grew to become the largest supplier of latex clothing in Liberated Lesbians, controlling 53% of the market. By 2012 Lesbex controlled 60% of the market before growth slowed, with Lesbex controlling 63% of the market 2017. With the appointing of Margaret Blayfew as CEO in 2017, Lesbex control of the market fell from 63% to 58%. With her being replaced with Kirtney Kirsten in 2018, growth resumed and by the end of 2020 Lesbex controlled 97% of the market, expected to control the entire market by 2021 as it buys and put competitors out of business.

Blayfew served as the CEO until her resignation in 2017, appointing Margaret Blayfew, her sister, as CEO. Margaret was regarded as "the person with the least experience and credibility to her name, aside from being the sister of the CEO" and caused the company to loose several billion dollars. Margaret resigned and Kirtney Kirsten replaced her on May 19, 2018 bringing Lesbex its greatest period of uninterrupted growth since the 2000's.

Self-sufficiency plan

On August 3, 2018, Kirtney Kristen announced a plan to make Lesbex entirely self-sufficient by the year 2035 through producing its own latex and selling products themselves, cutting out the middlewoman entirely and increasing revenue.

The plan called for aggresivly expanding Lesbex's retail presence, producing its own materials, and expanding the umbrella of products offered, including sex toys, pornography, and other articles of clothing.


In 2006 Lesbex announced the beginning of a chain of retail stores to provide latex clothing directly to the consumer, with the first twelve stores opening in May of 2009. Since 2009 the amount of retail locations has increased from 12 to over 1,000 in 2020, with 70% of stores built since 2018. A further 700 locations have been planned in 2021 and 1,500 additional locations planned through the 2020's, bringing the total of retail locations to over 3,000 by 2030. Several analysts have called for Lesbex to build more stores, as demand for their products is expected to increase over 200% through 2021, with a minimum of 5,000 stores needed to curb demand.

Of the 1,012 retail locations in exsistence, 992 are located in Liberated Lesbians, with remianing 20 located in 3 different countries. Of the 2,200 locations planned through the 2020's, 1,900 are planned for Liberated Lesbians, with 200 planned for construction in countries where Lesbex already has a retail presence, and the remaining 100 to be built in nations without a Lesbex retail presence.

Lesbex announced it would sell its products entirely from the Lesbex website and stores by 2025-2030 as part of its self sufficiency plan, a move putting retailers on edge.

Latex supply

Lesbex recieves 92% of its latex from other, all Lesbian-based, companies, a decrease of 4% from 2020 as the company begins to produce its own latex, with Lesbex expected to produce over 50% of its latex itself by 2023, and be entirely self-sufficent by 2030. In 2020 Lesbex purchased the largest latex producer in Liberated Lesbians, Naturelex.


A model wearing a Lesbex business outfit consisting of a black latex dress, gloves, and leggings.

Lesbex designs, manfactures, and sells various recreational, sexual, lingerie, and other types of latex clothing. Lesbex also deals in leather, pvc, nylon, silk, and other types clothing, predominatly skin-tight variants of each.

Josefina Felai modeling a black latex catsuit by Lesbex.

Lesbex's most popular line of clothing is latex-based, which accounts for 85% of company revenue. These range from basic attire such as shirts, bras, and dresses, to sexualized items such as catsuits. This is expected to decrease to around 60% of company revenue as Lesbex diversifies by 2035.

Lesbex has begun to diversify its products line with the launch of a line of sex toys in 2018, other articles of non-latex clothing in 2017, and a pornographic subscription service featuring lesbians in and using Lesbex products called LezbeX, available to subscribers. A non-clothing line was launched in 2019, with various skin and hair products and other personal ameneties. From its launch date to late 2020 the revenue brought in by this new product line increased over 5,000%.

Currently, 85% of revenue is generated from latex-based clothing and attire, 6% from personal care and amenities, 6% from non-latex products such as non-latex clothing and sex toys, and 3% from subscriptions/memberships.


Lesbex offers a three-stage membership program with varying costs, rewards, and access to additional products. The mebership program began in 2010 and the meberships are:

  • Non-Member - The basic membership applied to anyone who buys or uses Lesbex products. There are no prerequisites or costs applied, as the non-member level serves as distinction between everyday shoppers and more premium subscribers. Non-members are able to purchase nearly all clothing and clothing related items found in stores, but are unable to purchase or use any Lesbex services.
  • Member - The second stage of membership but first stage of "real" membrship, members pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99/month, or $99.99/year. Members recieve a free subsctription to LexbeX and access to several services, including latex vacuum beds, a monthly package of various latex articles of clothings, personal care and cosmetic products, and other products depending on the type of package they wish to recieve.
  • Premium Member - The highest stage of membership, premium membership is withheld only to women until 2022 with a cost of $19.99/month, or $199.99/year. Premium members can recieve premium packages, private latex vacuum beds, access to premium clothing and skin, hair, cosmetic products, and recieve a 2 hour long euphoric session once a month.

Employees are automatically enrolled in the member tier, with the option of advancing to the premium member tier at a reduced cost of $9.99/month or $99.99/year, with a euphoric stack capped at 28 hours and $1,500.


Lesbex offers services that vary between non-members, members, and premium members.

Care package

The Lesbex Care Package is a package of various Lesbex products depending on the type of package and membership. Members have access to "Latex Packages", "Personal Packages", and "Pink Packages". Latex Packages include various articles of latex clothing, from dresses, gloves, bras, leggings, and other items. The Latex Packages is valued at $65 according to Lesbex. The Personal Package includes various skin and hair care items and cosmetics and is valued at $40 according to Lesbex. The Pink package includes items from both the Latex and Personal packages and is valued at $50 according to Lesbex. Packages are sent once a month to members.

Premium members have access to premium versions of each package, which include the "Premium Latex Package", "Premium Personal Packages", "Euphoria Packages", and "Premium Pink Packages". Each premium variant includes more items of higher quality, with the Premium Latex Package valued at $200, the Premium Personal Package at $165, and the Premium Pink Package at $210. The Euphoria Package includes various items intended for sexual pleasure, either intercourse or masturbation, and is valued at $200.

Vacuum bed

A premium member in her private vacuum bed.

Members and premium members have access to latex vacuum beds, with members having access to beds located in Lesbex stores, while premium members have access to private beds in stores with the ability to purchase and have a bed at their place of residence. The vacuum beds can consist of latex that is thinner or thicker, transparent, and in different colors such as black, pink, white, blue, and others.

Euphoric sessions

Euphoric sessions are available only to premium members. Euphoric sessions are marketed as a monthly 2 hour long session where the participants have access to every item and all staff in the store for 2 hours. The session is intended for sexual pleasure and is available only in official Lesbex stores. Sessions can be stacked, allowing for longer sessions (stacking 3 sessions gives the participants a 6 hour euphoric session). The longest session was 40 hours long in 2019, after a premium member stacked her sessions over the course of 20 months. Since then session stacking as been capped to a maximum of 24 hours.

Euphoric sessions have the option of being cashed in for $200 worth of Lesbex products or simply $200 each session, a reduction from the previous $1,000. In 2020 a premium member was reported to have saved 4 years worth of sessions and collected $48,000. Lesbex then lowered the cashed in amount to $200 with a $1,000 limit.

Premium members have the option of letting additional participants in their euphoric sessions, regardless of membership status. In 2016 Lesbex limited the number of participants to a total of 8 and in 2019 created a female-only policy where only women were allowed. 3 weeks later the policy was retracted after 49% of premium members cancelled their subscriptions.

Criticism and events

Lesbex has expierenced citicism numerous times. In 2014 the staff of several Lesbex locations went on strike to protest "being used as sex-toys for strangers", with numerous employees claiming they had been raped and physically injured by participants of euphoric sessions. Lesbex put a temporary hold on all euphoric sessions and gave employees the option to opt out of euphoric sessions.

On March 2, 2021, Lesbex lost 19% of their premium subscribers with several thousand people demanding online that Lesbex allow men to purchase premium subscriptions as well. Several lawsuits have been brought forth regading discrimination against male customers. Lesbex has stated it will make more male-centered clothing and products. On January 1, 2022 Lesbex will allow men to purchase premium subscriptions. However, the amount of subscriptions available to men will be set at 10% of current subscriptions in place from the previous year. With an expected premium subscribers of over 4 million by 2022, over 400,000 men will be allowed to puchase subscriptions, with over 600,000 already placing pre-orders for their membership.