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Library:Manifesto for World Peace and cooperation among nations

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We, the nations of Anteria, hereby stand together, working together, united and willing to cooperate to reach global peace. We have seen enough deaths, enough suffering, enough pain and enough ruined lives. We came together with a hope and a ideal, that there are things that should be done, there are ways better than war, there is a better way to work with the world.

Therefore, we, form a Anterian World Assembly as equals. Every voice would be heard in this assembly and every voice would be respected. Everyone has right to be heard and everyone has right to be listened to. We came together, not because we are all the same, but because we are different, diverse, and only thing uniting us is our desire to solve problems peacefully.

Agarntrop, Aziallis, Assumptaria, Bakyern, Bendan, Moldanovica, Castarilia, Ereska, Fallooplesburg, Gadorien, Gassasinia, Geordinia, Gorabo, Halsuntria, Iwonia, Kentalis, Kistolia, Kiyortza, Mehrava, Mustelaria (both Monte Blanco and Zhousheng), Krenya, New Sarmathia, New Sebronia, Nexalan, Polder Eiland, Prei Meas, San Calia, Shedehnoah, Speke, The Triumvirate (represented by Prybourne) Urusla, Volgingrad & Vescarium