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Left pointing double angle quotation mark sh3.svg Shame on you, there are three soldiers per each soldier in my army Right pointing double angle quotation mark sh3.svg —  Zhousheng
Anterian Flag Icon.pngHD transparent picture.pngAnteria Roleplay and WorldbuildingHD transparent picture.pngAnterian Flag Icon.png
Welcome to Anteria, home to premier NationStates Roleplay, Worldbuilding, and International Brotherhood! Together, we create our own world and cohesive narrative in which members from all four corners of the world can call their own. We are a modern-day real-time realistic region.
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As of now, there are 907 pages about Anteria in Category:Anteria, and 18 registered proud Anterian IIwikians with their user pages.
Picture of Anteria from space, photo taken on 10 December 2013 by ZASO Viџuꞇel 14 satellite
Fun facts about Anteria
  • There is a TV Show in Mustelaria dedicated just to pointing out stupid laws
  • Flat Anteria Society theorists deny the existence of the International Space Station
  • The "New" in New Sebronia actually has no other meaning besides "We're not the Sebronia we had been before"
  • In the 1954 Brayout world tournament, two men were caught cheating by having tactical guide printed on the inside of a cigarette
  • One of the most popular games played in schools across Anteria is "The World Game", a geography-based game used to teach kids basics.
Three-Star tribune
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Anterian lore explanation
INTRODUCTION A basic introduction post for newcomers to understand the basics
» Periodic Table « Due to problems with real life element names, some elements have been renamed for the anterian lore
» Standard Particle Model « Due to problems with real life history of development, some particles have been renamed to fit anterian lore
» Invention List « A quick compiled list of countries and their historical inventions in the Anterian lore
Anterian roleplay guides
GENERAL GUIDE A basic guide with absolute basics of Anterian roleplay
» Authoritarianism « A guide for authoritiarian and autocratic countries on how real life authoritarian regimes work
» Space exploration « A guide for countries wanting to run a space program and explaining the solar system and its history
» Regional Message Board « A guide for newcomer countries now to NationStates on how to effectively format the text in RMB
» Waging wars « A guide for countries wanting to engage in a military conflict on how to do it realistically and in accordance with Anterian rules of war
Anterian staff
Nickname Role NationStates IIWiki userpage Specialisation
Emiline OWNER ZhenganFlag.png Zhengan
URW.png Prybourne
DohyonoDeshiflag.png Dohyo no Deshi
Emiline Running the region, AA diplomacy
Tesdai PRIME DIRECTOR Confed of tesdai flag.png Confederation of Tesdai TESDAI
— of Roleplay —
NeuewlandFlag.png Neuewland Roleplay and general Roleplay Council coordination
Hatstheput DIRECTOR
— of the Archives —
Hatstheput.jpg Hatstheput Hatstheput The person responsible for archiving
— of Foreign Affairs —
Shadoveil Flag.jpg Shadoveil KingFoxclaw
— of the World Assembly —
LesserVelutaria.png Lesser Velutaria Veriss
— of Recruitment —
SouthernVelutaria.png Southern Velutaria
— of Enforcement —
TheByrdlandsFlag.PNG Byrdlands
Foxomexra DIRECTOR
— of Internal Affairs —
Small Foxomexran Flag.png Foxomexra Foxomexra
ThreeEagles Roleplay Councillor
— Military specialisation —
Vultesia Flag.png Vultesia Vultesia Military roleplay and canonisation of military conflicts, military advice and RMB moderation
Fjana Roleplay Councillor
— Communication specialisation —
ZhoushengFlag.png Zhousheng FjanaLogo.png Zhousheng (Fjana) Global worldbuilding and general canonisation, guides and formatting
Kyoris Roleplay Councillor
— Geography specialisation —
Flag Of Kiyortza.png Kiyortza Kyoris
Iden Roleplay Councillor
— Worldbuilding specialisation —
Riamo flag 1.png Riamo Iden
Iden Roleplay Councillor
— Roleplay specialisation —
Kentalis Flag.png Kentalis Black-tailed Godwit Uferschnepfe.jpg Ofton
Yet to be filled