Lilisi Lazin

Lilisi Limei Lazin
Princess Ditoral of Akai
The Fair
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Father Ditor Jieke I Jilong Lazin
Mother Mei Meiju Jialazin
ReligionThe Blessed Order of Tiao-Li's Baiqiang

Princess Ditoral Lilisi of Akai and Lazinato (Lilisi Limei Jieke Mei Jieke Lazin, born September 23, 1995) is the fistborn daughter of Jieke I of Akai, Ditor of Akai from 1984-2014 and Mei of Xuan and Huodao. Often known by her epithet of the bloodied princess or the fair-rose due to her birth resulting in the death of her mother and brother. She was kept isolated by Jieke for most of her life, in the old Lazin palace of Kaizangong she was raised to be a socialite of great proportions and is a talented sportswoman, being a talented horse rider as well as keen eyed shooter. She was recently appointed to Ghish as court liason between her brother Ditor Hulang and Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant. She current is the highest ranking Princess in Akai bearing several titles usually reserved for the firstborn of the Ditor however is not the most powerful political figure in the court - something which her step-mother Machiko possesses. However it is speculated that she will become Dibai to Hulang and become a particularly prominent figure in the court.


Early Life

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Styles of
Princess Lilisi of Akai
Reference styleHer Prime Highness or Her Ditoral Ascendancy Lilisi Lilimei Jieke Mei "Ranxue" Jieke Lazin, Princess Ditoral of Akai, Princess Imperial of Keng, Princess Imperial of Lazinato, Princess Imperial of Xuan, Princess Imperial of Yaosai, Princess Imperial of Zhaoze.
Spoken styleYour Prime Highness
Your Magificence
Alternative stylePrincess