List of Main Battle Tanks (Aeia)

A list of tanks used by the various militaries of the sovereign states of Aeia.


Country of origin Image Name Year Users
 Atresca 300px Ariete 1995  Atresca
 Midrasia Leclerc-openphotonet PICT6015.JPG Leclerc 1993 Template:Country data Carcossica
 Newrey Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank patrolling outside Basra, Iraq MOD 45148325.jpg Challenger 2 1998  Newrey
 Newrey 300px Challenger 1 1985  Newrey (retired)
 Transcandar <imgur w="300">kAliaUf.jpg</imgur> A-60 Bozkırat 2007  Transcandar