List of military aircraft (Aeia)

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The following is a list of military aircraft used by the various militaries of the nations of Aeia.


Country of origin Image Name Year Users Details
Asurafighter1.jpg Asurafighter Hurricane 1994
Produced under a joint-venture between Ardaima, Newrey, and Midrasia within the Drago Entente.
The fighter is operated by most nations within the organization.
 Atresca 300px AMX International 1989  Atresca
300px Panavia Tornado 1979  Atresca
 Ajerrin 300px AH-18A "Black Falcon" 2005  Ajerrin The AH-18A is recognized as tandem cockpit dedicated attack helicopter for the Royal Ajerrin Forces. Specifically, the helicopter can take on Reconnaissance, heliborne escort, close air support, deep penetration and anti-armor.
 Ajerrin Mirage 2000C in-flight 2 (cropped).jpg X-4 Firebolt 1972  Ajerrin The X-4 Firebolt was the primary multirole fighter for the Lahui State. After undergoing consecutive modernizations, the Royal Air Force has decided to phase out the fourth-generation aircraft in favor of the Asurafighter Hurricane.
 Midrasia 300px F-35 Tonnerre II 2006  Midrasia
 Midrasia F-15, 71st Fighter Squadron, in flight.JPG F-15 Aigle 1976  Midrasia Produced in both tactical fighter and multirole strike fighter models. The F-15 makes up the bulk of the Midrasian Air Force and its relatively cheap cost comparative to other fighters has given the Midrasian military and Wryhta considerable funds to work on projects such as the F-35. Nevertheless, the Air Force has began to phase out the F-15 in favour of the F-35 and Asurafighter Hurricane.
 Midrasia AH-64D Apache - RIAT 2013 (12326820083).jpg HAA Rapace 1976  Midrasia
 Transcandar <imgur w="300">jR8ZRDa.jpg</imgur> CCA-31 Asena 2015  Transcandar Produced by the joint venture Transcandarian and Volghari Central Catai Aircraft Corporation, it operates as an advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft.
 Transcandar <imgur w="300">CqeBQii.jpg</imgur> CCA-32 Tanrı 2014  Transcandar Produced by the Central Catai Aircraft Corporation, and operated by Transcandar and Volghar, it is a twin-engine, tandem seat, multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter.