List of Political Parties in Istastioner

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In Istastionerian politics, there are two major parties, the Social Democratic Party and the Labour Party. And Three are also smaller Third parties which hold significant status in Parliament, And their are numerous minor political parties.

Major Political Parties

A major political party is a political organization that has a significant level of influence and support within Istastioner. Such parties usually have a broad base of members and supporters, as well as substantial financial resources and organizational infrastructure.

Social Democratic Party

See, Social Democratic Party

The Social Democratic Party of Istastioner is a political party located in the center-left of the political spectrum. Presently, it holds the position of being the biggest political party in Istastioner. Additionally, the Social Democratic Party has the highest number of councilors in local authorities, and during the 2038 election, it secured 37% of the total votes cast.

Labour Party

See, Labour Party

The Labour Party is a political organization that aligns with the centre-left to left-wing ideologies. Its membership consists of a diverse coalition of leftist beliefs, ranging from moderate Social Democrats to anti-capitalist and democratic socialists. Historically, the party has occupied the centre-left of the political spectrum. Since 1886, Labour has been either the governing party or the Official Opposition in every general election.

Third Political Parties

And Three smaller Third parties which hold significant status in the Istastionerian parliament, which hold power to a much smaller degree than the Social Dems and Labs, however they hold significant sway in political discourse.

Eco-Green Party

See, Eco-Green Party

Republican Party

See, Republican Party

Democratic Party

See, Democratic Party

Noteable Minor Political Parties

There are numerous minor parties in Istastioner, all of which do not hold seats in the Istastionerian Parliament.

Noble Republican Party

See, Noble Republican Party

The Noble Republican Party, Supports a form of Republicism, where a nobility has an institutional role in the form of government. The nobles have certain privileges & rights that are not extended to the general population. The Nobles have a separate system of courts and are exempt from certain taxes and military service obligations. The Nobles in question are the Descendants of the Founding Fathers of Istastioner. The nobles would hold significant institutional power, as they would have the ability to approve or reject laws passed by the president or the Parlaiment. They would also have their own Paramount

Technocratic Party

See, Technocratic Party

The Technocratic Party, Believe in the importance of applying scientific and technical expertise to policy-making and governance, and promotes a government or leadership structure based on expertise, knowledge, and scientific or technical qualifications rather than traditional political or ideological considerations. The Technocratic Party prioritize practical solutions over ideological purity. They believe that policies should be evaluated based on their effectiveness in solving problems, rather than their alignment with a particular ideology or political agenda. Overall, Their beliefs are centered around promoting the use of scientific and technical knowledge to address societal problems and improve the quality of governance.

Libertarian Party

See, Liberal Party

United Independent Party

See, United Independent Party

Monarchist Party

See, Monarchist Party

The Monarchist Party, advocates for the establishment of a monarchy as the form of government in Istastioner. They seek to establish one, either through peaceful means. They argue that a monarchy is more stable, more traditional, or more representative of national identity than other forms of government, such as a republic. They advocate for a Semi-constitutional monarchy, where the monarch serves with limited powers with some advocate for a constitutional monarchy, where the monarch serves as a ceremonial figurehead with limited advocate for a constitutional monarchy, where the monarch serves as a ceremonial figurehead with limited Political Power