List of current Main Service rifles (Aeia)

A list of the main service rifles used by the militaries of the sovereign nations of Aeia.


Country Image Name Year Caliber Details
 Atresca 300px Fucilo-90 1990 5.56x45mm Produced for Atresca by DA-MP Arms.
Template:Country data Carcossica
IWI-Tavor-TAR-21w1.jpg SFA-00a Lion 2000 5.56x45mm Produced by the Carcossican Stige-Fecassen Arms Corporation, the 00a Lion is the main service rifle utilized by the JTO Coalition forces in Carcossica, Onza, and Hipasia.
 Glanodel Stgw 90.jpg SG-550 1990 5.56x45mm
 Midrasia Scar L Standard.jpg FAC-L 2018 5.56x45mm Recently introduced following the phasing out of the old FA-78.
23x15px Vrnallia
300px AE-18 1972 5.56x45mm Known under the designation of MAR-1 in Vrnallia.
Template:Country data Uwhistan Zastava M70AB2 Hunter la5.JPG KAM-71 1971 7.62×39mm The Kolvich Arms Model 71 is a local Uwhistani take on the RS-47. The KAM71 is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire rifle used by the Uwhistani Army.
300px RS-74M 1991 5.56x45mm
Template:Country data Sant Masllorenç 300px RP-54 1954 7.62×51mm
 Transcandar HK43.jpg AG4 1979 5.56x45mm Designated as the ÇMÜ-68 by the Transcandan Army.
300px SAG-79 1979 7.62×39mm
 Vvarden 300px Tegeur-5 2005 7.62x51mm