List of political parties in Ausonia

The following is a list of political parties in the Ausonian Commonwealth, including both parties with no Senatorial representation and defunct parties.

Active Parties

Parties represented in the House of Commons

Logo Name Leader Coalition Seats in the House of Commons Ideology Notes
UCD logo.png Christian Democratic Union
Union chrétienne-démocrate
Baudouin Gagnon-Arsenault in government
212 / 806
Christian democracy, liberal conservatism
Internal factions: libertarianism, fusionism, classical liberalism, social conservatism
AUSLiberal logo.png Liberal Party
Parti libéral
Marc-Antoine Boudreaux in opposition
175 / 806
Internal factions: classical liberalism, social liberalism
PCN logo.png National Civic Party
Parti civique nationale
Bernard Jaqueil in government
123 / 806
Christian democracy, conservatism, political Catholicism
Internal factions: Clerico-nationalism, fusionism, social conservatism, traditionalism
PSD logo.png Social Democratic Party
Parti social-démocrate
Aurore Poincaré in opposition
122 / 806
Social democracy, third-way
RPF logo.png Federal Progressive Rally
Rassemblement progressif fédéral
Manon Joubert in government
41 / 806
Classical liberalism, conservative liberalism, libertarianism, fiscal conservatism
Internal factions: voluntaryism, minarchism, market liberalism, objectivism, souverainism
AUSCentre logo.png Centre Party
Parti du centre
Joseph-Marie Blanchard in government
37 / 806
agrarianism, centrism
Internal factions: market liberalism, social conservatism, Social credit, distributism
60px Unity
Petër Letgakħant crossbench
32 / 806
Regionalism, Big tent, ethnic minority interests
60px Fédéc Jules Savignac-Tassigny in opposition
21 / 806
Green politics, social liberalism, progressivism
60px People's Democratic Party
Parti démocratique populaire
Jean-Marie Dufour in opposition
18 / 806
Democratic socialism, Trade-unionism
Internal factions: Left-wing populism, social democracy, libertarian socialism
FN logo.png National Front
Front national
Jean-Claude Le Drian in opposition
16 / 806
Ausonian nationalism, national conservatism, traditionalism, right-wing populism, souverainism
60px Solidarity Alliance
Alliance de solidarité
Martine Beaugendre in opposition
4 / 806
Democratic socialism, eco-socialism, anti-capitalism, radicalism
AUSPirate logo.png Pirate Party
Parti pirate
Axel Choffard crossbench
1 / 806
Pirate politics, social liberalism, libertarianism
A The UCD and PCN form a unified group in the Senate; the PCN contests in 11 provinces and 1 territory, the UCD elsewhere.

Parties represented in provincial/territorial legislatures

Other minor parties

Logo Name Leader Ideology Notes
60px Shit
Yves "Bon-Bon" Marchand political satire, big tent

Defunct Parties